Blast from the past me at Skin-Two

Suits you me 2005

Suits you sir —- me 2005

See I bet you thought you were going to see me in a rubber gas mask, I’m sorry to disappoint. That’s me at the  Skin Two Expo London (Barbican Centre), With some of my Erotic art in October 2005. The following Month I showed my work at Erotica London (Olympia), November 2005. These works were all created under my Extreme-pixel name, at this time I was a member of the guild of erotic artists. I really enjoyed both events and sold a fair number of prints and met some amazing people . Never let it be said I have never walked on the wild side lol.

Ps My wife said on seeing this photo again said see now we know why you have a beard …..the bloody cheek


My Tweets this week No 1

Twitter it's my favourite word game

Twitter it’s my favourite word game

I love Twitter and I spend a lot of time trying to get what I want to say in just 140 characters right. This is often hampered by dyslexia but it just means I have to check everything with my macs text to Speech before I post it. I know that in the twitter universe few people will ever even notice what i have written, sadly the world will never see this stuff as anything other than throw away Junk.

So I thought that in weeks that I feel particularly proud of my nonsense  I would post some on them on my blog. I’ve been on twitter as Aric Voss since early this year, but I have been on twitter under other names almost since it started. This week I decided to lighten up and make myself smile even if it goes over most peoples heads. For to long I have been trying to comment on the worlds problems,  but I realised people don’t want to here my  views on politics and life, most would just rather smile (and there is nothing wrong with that) So the my stupidity that has be amusing my wife  and friends for years, is now loose on the web you have been warned :)

It all started with my profile update :-

Currently a full time Human Being, writer & artist. Probably politically incorrect and quite possibly slightly mad. Take with a pinch of salt, twice daily.

If you would like to follow me on twitter, I’m usually more than happy to follow people back as long as they are not just selling stuff, blatant porn or hate or religion accounts. I do try to look at everyone I follow before I follow them just to make sure they fit my specifications (whatever they are lol)

Hope a couple of this weeks tweets make you smile:-

Certain parts of my body are now bigger than when I was 21, others smaller. Whatever change has taken place it is seldom been for the better

The male chauvinist pig is in decline due to over hunting for it’s bile. Just £2 a month can save this creature from total extinction.

Cleavage and the Venus flytrap have a lot in common.

The mothership just landed on Clacton Pier, but no one noticed, everyone was to busy looking at their phones.

@nationaltrust Our walks are democracy in action, I suggest the route and my 3 dogs out vote me.

Masturbation – I’m all for hobbies that don’t require you to join a club or wear a badge.

Confucius says, never trust those who have tweeted only 10 times but already have 64 k of followers.

Two of the menu options from my bipolar life:-
For breakfast I have a little Doubt, for lunch I like some complete pointlessness, I finish the day up with a nice plate of self loathing.
For breakfast I have a little Joy, for lunch some dizzy optimism, I finish the day up with a nice plate of god complex.

Finally started talking 100% bollocks well it get’s you on in life. Politicians are living proof that the truth is vastly over rated.

Soon – Male PC alignment for your genes. It increases productivity by 50%, wealth by 75% as you are 100% resistant to the female form.

Apple Event an hour away – After 2 hours of thinner, faster, thinner, faster thinner, faster, faster, faster, I’ll need a cold shower :)

Never the cool Kid

At 48 years old I think I’ve somewhat missed the bus on ever being a cool Kid. I guess I could still be a cool old fart, but it really doesn’t have the same ring to it. As we get older our lack of coolness as a child often follows us everywhere we go. Just as the first 7 – 14 weeks are the most important to a puppy. The first 3- 14 years to a human usually dictate your life. It’s hard to over come years of being seen as a freak, being the last to be picked on the team. Thats not to say not being cool as a kid will mean you can’t be a well liked and wealthy adult, it just means you got a lot more baggage to over come.

Take me, bullied most days until I was 14, hopeless at sports (even if I did enjoy them), I was academically substandard because of my dyslexia. My mum refused to buy me stuff that was cool, I always got stuff that was practical. I wanted a chopper or a grifter bike what did I get the cheesy folded up bike ‘because then i could take it on holiday’ ….Thanks mum :(. The only thing I excelled at was playing the fool, which did win me some notoriety, but not coolness.

Despite that I have achieved more than my teachers and parents ever predicted, but no I never became cool and my lack of coolness still holds me back in my ability to project myself as i would wish to. No cool kids can and do grow up to be sensible adults that produce yet more sensible kids.  When I hit 18+ I became a fashion rebel dressed head to foot in black and chains, topped of with a fluffy Mohican. I guess now I be called a goth or a emo, but then I wasn’t a part of some anti-cool, I was just a kid trying to present a image to the world which would avoid being picked on and I’m pleased to say it worked.

So did being a non cool give me any hidden superpowers like peter parker? Well nope but it did give me the power to be self-reliant, self-motivated and ability to be alone for hours and days at a time without a care. It could be argued that the lack of coolness can build individuality. I would have never moved to America, or  become a glamour photographer, sold my Visionary art or done half of the stuff I’ve done if I had had a large circle of friends. While the company of friends is great often their opinions and reservations hold back those that dare to dream. I know if I had had friends, time and time again they would have said to my hair brained ideas ‘that will never work’  I’m sure I would have probably listened and my life would have been a lot more uneventful.

Maybe Cool Kids do grow up to get the sexy partners, the ‘great job’ the 2.5 children and the flashy car, but it could be said they never get to live out side the box, they never get to question and they never get to ‘not give a fuck’. So maybe it’s good I never was a cool kid, but boy I wish I could have dated Vicky, Nicola or Patricia just once lol.

Now if I was a cool Kid I’d say this would go straight to No1.

Nexus now just another expensive phone.

I’m sure a great deal of people were very pleased with yesterdays announcement of the Nexus 6, for me it was a disappointment and in my eyes Google took a step backwards. As a simple member of the buying public what made the Nexus Phone special apart from the pure android experience, was the ‘affordable’ price point and yesterday that looked as if that was now over.

To be able to buy a non contract phone for around £300 Like the Nexus 5 was a very attractive proposition. Especially for someone who enjoys tech but simply could never justify the normal £500+ phones. It seems to me that quality mid range phones with pure operating systems are getting very thin on the ground. It could be said that if you want a contract free phone that does a little bit of everything with a sensible price tag, you may soon only have the Windows phones or out of date models to choose from. Sure you can get great deals on pay monthly phones but I for one have absolutely no wish to be tied into a 18/24 month contract.

Let’s face it the UK if not the world is awash with people who have broken phones that just about work and still have more than 75% of the contract to go. So the Nexus 6 to most mere mortals (like me) is now just another high priced phone that they can no longer consider.

The problem is Tech companies idea of affordable and my idea of affordable are two totally different things. Now I’m not a person who buys cheap because for me Cheap is not a sensible purchase. Anything that is cheap in tech tends to be on it’s last legs or have poor build quality, also ethics of cheap production are often very questionable. Cheap has always been a false economy for me which usually ends up costing more in time, problems and money.

No I’m happy to pay a sensible price when it comes to tech, What is a sensible price? Well that is for each person to quantify, but for me it is a price point that usually can’t be a instant purchase (unless I have savings) but can be saved for in a reasonable space of time in my case a few months rather than a few years. A high priced item for me is one that will negatively impact a budget for a long time which for me is a year and beyond. It is a product that may force you to go without the other enjoyments or even some of the day to day essentials of life.

The Nexus 5 was a sensibly priced phone for what you got the Nexus 6 is not. I’ve no doubt, Google wants to be seen as a sexy top end phone company but is that really what Google is? I don’t think so, Google is all about offering useful services for free. I for one think their products should echo that for the masses appeal. Google like all tech companies have their fanboys and their haters, but view people could ever say that Google was an elite company ripping people off monetarily at least.

So what phone do I own? you maybe asking well despite the fact that most of what I own is made by Apple I have a Windows phone, a Nokia Lumia 920. It does everything I have asked of it over the past year and most importantly of all it came at a price I was happy to pay. I don’t fear taking it out into the  real world of thieves and concrete, because if the worse did happen, I could replace it relatively quickly.

The Nexus is a great looking phone that I’m sure some people will buy at any price. For the rest of us that  may want a pure Android phone,  it looks like the Nexus 5 will stick around for a while , that seems Like a very sensible move as the 6 will be well out of many peoples upgrade path. However in the world of tech where the latest thing is for many the only thing, the Nexus 6 I believe may still prove a hard sell at the price.

View the Nexus 6 page
View the Nexus 5 page

News or Propaganda

I have never been a fan of the News, In past articles I have written on the damage that a never ending cycle of negative news must be doing to western civilisation. Today however I want to look at the way the news media hijacks stories, sensationalises them and/or manipulates them to suite their own political ends. This of course is nothing new it’s been happening for hundreds of years, but I doubt at any time in human history has it been so invasive into peoples lives,not to mention so unquestioned by the masses that are entranced by it.

I’m fully aware that this is a multilayered topic which I simply can not do justice to in a few paragraphs, so I will simply highlight a couple of topics that have bothered me of late.

Lets start with political correctness, we now live in a time where almost without question, everyone in the media acts and speaks in a particular way that has been deemed acceptable by the powers that be. We are so indoctrinated into political correctness that anyone who is not of this time, or up to speed with the latest ‘thought crimes’ can be easily discredited as sexist, homophobic or the medias favourite racist.

Time and time again people that have valid points can be side lined and demonised instantly by being hexed by any of these three previous labels. While in theory the UK still supports freedom of speech. The news media generally does not,even if it pretends it does. One has only to look how people who have views contrary to theirs are introduced. The classic Put down words are slotted in to discredit those deemed ‘inappropriate’ before the person has a chance to speak. Words such as eccentric, extremist, controversial, leaker, hacker even activist, are often included to encourage the majority that are reading watching or listing to simply mentally switch off.

Beyond this mental funnelling the News daily proclaims the innocent guilty by simply including their names in topics which outrage the public. A celebrity questioned by police in a enquiry into pedophilia will instantly be seen as guilty by the public simply by association. Often careers and credibility are left in ruins forever, even if they are not even charged. Like the witch hunts of the past once the finger has been pointed in a direction the media driven mob has no care of the facts all they want is to be titillated by a burning. Little has changed, nothing spices up a family evening like a famous person being brought to their knees on this, or that charge. How often have you heard or even found yourself saying ..’I knew he was to good to be true’.

So the News is used as a weapon to discredit and intimidate people. Now lets look at how the News media often fails to report important stories for reasons unknown. Ebola is a classic example of how the media has failed us. Many would be forgiven for believing that this current Ebola outbreak is but a couple of months old, which of course simply isn’t true. For whatever reason Ebola has been kept on the news back burner from the beginning of the year. If media had done it’s job and fully highlighted the outbreak and the disastrous ramifications of it from day one, the governments would have been forced to act much quicker and with much greater force.

Why the governments of the world were left off the hook by the media for so long will be the topic of conspiracy theorists for years to come. The media has know since the 70’s of the devastating possibilities of Ebola, yet they said little as it spread in the back waters of Africa, why i ask again? An unwillingness to provoke panic in the public? I very much doubt that, some years ago they made a hell of a hullabaloo about swine flu & Bird flu which both it could be argued where trivial when compared to Ebola.

I find it amazing how everyday across the planet great evils are being done and media fails to report them? It can’t be because of a lack of time, the news runs 24/7, 365 days a year. As to why some evils are reported and others not I leave for you to decide.

Finally I will return to another example of how the media attempts to shape the minds of it’s consumers. To my pet topic of the moment UKIP, while I fully appreciate you may disagree with there policies that is not my concern. What bothers me is how thousands if not millions of people who support the party are seen as irrelevant fools. How every single word spoken by party members is dissected by the media, in the hope that a negative headline can be extracted and posted. No stone shall be left unturned in an attempt to support the media mantra (no matter how wrong) that UkIP are simply shallow racists that no person of sane mind would ever vote for .

The ‘News’ offers up photos and comments that have often been taken out of context, only the strong of mind and heart will even bother to question the never ending deluge of propaganda, Sorry I mean News. Media corporations keep the Masses beguiled with tragedy and farce, often to remove their gaze from the stuff that they really don’t want you to see.

So as I often say ‘question everything’ and assume nothing. The News is and has never been a rock of unwavering truth, upon which you should build a life. It is only a point of view a snapshot in time that throughout history has often been discredited. Manipulation and corruption are still the favourite tools of the truly powerful (not celebrities and politicians) who all have their fingers in the news media pie.


A negative headline can been created from the most mundane of situations.

A negative headline can been created from the most mundane of situations.

Clacton’s day in the spotlight by-election 2014

So the day is finally here, this morning I did my bit and walked down to our local voting hall to place a very simple cross next the candidate of my choice. Such a simple act can often be taken for granted, in fact sadly more and more people show a complete apathy to the whole process. I can understand why many have become totally disenchanted with politics and politicians, but i don’t subscribe to the idea the whole thing is a waste of time. I Vote first and formost because I am fully aware that many people put their lives at risk, even died so I could place that cross on a piece of paper. While it is a free country and not voting is also a expression of that freedom, the act of not voting will never effect the formation of a government, which will make laws that will effect us in every aspect of our lives, even if we believe they won’t.

Clacton in the Spotlight
Clacton is seldom of any interest to anyone other than the people who live or holiday here, Out of season it is very much a sleepy seaside town just like the one Morrisey sung about in his song ‘everyday is like sunday’, but in all honestly that is probably why many of us like it. I was born and grew up in the leafy suburbs of Metro-land, just a wee train ride from central London, but as much as I loved where I lived the sad truth was I simply could never have afforded to live there. While many in the media have mocked us it should be understood most of us moved to clacton by choice, we are not some shire of local yokels who have never gone further than lakeside shopping centre. The Media are here because UKIP may win their first parliamentary seat, it has been wrongly concluded by the media that clacton is simply full of racist idiots. If anyone is to be labelled idiotic it is those that believe that to be against mass immigration is to be racist. Millions of people in this country can no longer be held back simply by a word used in the wrong context.

Ebola has brought into sharp focus like nothing else the possible disastrous consequences of an open Europe. Why should any country be open to all and sundry to come and live in, to use, abuse and when done move on to the next rich pickings. Why can’t we keep or make our own law’s to echo our history, our values, our way of viewing of the world. Why must our beliefs and ideas be overlooked. This is our land and yet we seem embarrassed to express any patriotism for it, indeed we are told such ideas are wrong, out of step with modern homogenised culture.

This is not racist talk for everyday up and down this country hundreds of children are born of every race and colour under the sun, I’m very sure their parents want the best for there children, they want their children to have a decent education and the possibility of a proper job and in time a house to live in. How prey can that be possible if every year more and more people pour into this country, Britain is attractive to immigrants because of the way it was, or just about is. If millions more come to live here, as they are perfectly allowed to do Britain will no longer be Britain it will become the very thing many immigrants came here to escape.

The life boat Analogy
Lifeboats are good they safe peoples lives, but any lifeboat can only carry so many people and still float and offer help. Is the person on a lifeboat that shouts no more people, or we will sink and die a racist, or simply a realist?

Can Clacton help change the political landscape?
Simply yes, if clacton votes UKIP today it will face A barrage of abuse, it will be as if we have committed a mortal sin. Politicians and even the Prime Minister himself will no doubt proclaim the vote simply a by-election blip, irrelevant or a protest vote (aren’t all votes a protest against the other parties running) or they will drag out the old line ‘ The people have voted and we will listen’ and then forget all about it. The thing is that this time it won’t be business as usual because Clacton will show that change is possible, many millions of people around the country will finally feel liberated from being shackled to the same old parties, that have failed the people of Britain time and time again.

Final Thoughts
If UKIP do not win tonight then I for one believe they will never win anywhere. If they do win here, then a win in many other areas will be possible. A win here will see the Tory party and even labour haemorrhage even more politicians and members. On Saturday Clacton will return to being just another sleepy Seaside town but it will have I hoped etched its mark in the minds of every politician in this land. It will have made it perfectly clear once and for all, you can only push the people so far until they bite back.

Dawn in Clacton and New Dawn for Britain?

Dawn in Clacton and New Dawn for Britain?

My eclectic musical taste

Those of you who have followed my blogs over the years will know I have a very eclectic musical taste. People often don’t believe i can really like the different styles of music I do but, I do. I have never understood how people can only like one style of music. I know for a fact many of the people I went to school with are still trapped in the 80’s. Personally I could not think of anything more dull, sure the 80’s wasn’t without the odd tune that I still like but personally I try to stay current.

This is probably because my dad was one of those people who was trapped in the past musically, he liked big bands and all the great crooners of the time.  I made a deal with myself at a very young age that I would never get caught up in the past. I guess that sounds like maybe I would force myself to like music just to stay current but that is simply not the case.

If I like something, I like it and could give a rat’s arse what anyone else thinks, so below are some of my current favourite musical ditties. Enjoy or don’t.

The above song is for all those who have ever wondered what it’s like to have bipolar, this video/song is the nearest thing I found that sum’s up the emotions that rush through the brain …the ups and downs….which is cool for a while, but everyday! for a whole life..WFT.. no wonder I’m exhausted all the time. lol

Shake it off and laugh

If you watch animals when they become stressed, have a fight or are scared, a few seconds after the problem arises they give themselves a good shake and carry on as if nothing happened. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that, unfortunately we carry around chips on our shoulders for days, weeks and even life times.

One of the biggest problems with most adults today is they forget to laugh and just have fun, sure people drink and act stupid but that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking about just letting go without drink and drugs , just getting a little bit crazy and not caring if the world points you out as a fool.

The truth is the human race is uptight about so many things and most of our so called problems are self induced. Surrounded by all our gadgets and gizmos created to make us happy, we in truth are probably the most miserable bunch to inhabit the earth in years. We are racked by cynicism, we even are suspicious and begrudge those that appear to be having fun .

The other night while surfing vevo and trying hard to hang on to the coat tails of modern music, I came across Taylor Swift ‘shake it off’ video. I was smiling from the outset and yes even broke into a feel good laugh, this disturbed my wife so much she was actually force to  look up from ‘Game of War’ on her iPad just to check I wasn’t having a fit :) .

I have no idea what Taylor swift  is like in real life and it matter’s not, for the the persona she plays in this video was like a breath of fresh air .  I instantly brought the song so the video worked … I figure the minute i’m feeling  grumpy or stressed I can put it on smile and just as the song says …..Shake it off.

UKIP must win Clacton-on-sea, even if you hate them.

I have to start by pointing out that on Saturday (6th Sept) I finally after a year of sitting on the fence joined UKIP here in sunny Clacton on sea. I did so for many reasons one of them simply being I wanted to help Douglas Carswell become the first UKIP MP and because I personally believe it’s now or never for UKIP.

Skip this bit to get to my point If you wish.
I’m fully aware that as someone who writes a lot about ‘Oneness’ becoming a member of UKIP may seem like a contradiction. That is just another personal perception, as i have said time and time again, all perceptions should be challenged because they are seldom if ever a universal truth.

My own personal logic is simple and some would no doubt say naive even luddite. All cultures even those that appear superficial have a long line of heritage and tradition behind them. It is my belief that all cultures have something to offer the world (yes even ours) as our local traditions die out, we move ever further towards a bland homogenised society which stands for nothing and falls for everything. As a consequence what made towns and cities across the world unique is being systematically eradicated at great speed under the premise of progress and equality.

It is my view that given the rate of current unchallenged immigrations the England that I was born into will be confined to the history books in 50 years. I also feel that people should be able to go about their lives without the nanny state continually monitoring them and telling them what they can and can’t do every second of the day. I do not feel any of the conventional political parties are the slightest bit interested in my hopes and fears or would even wish to try and understand them, much better to label me (wrongly) a racist and hope I die off quickly.

The Point
I personally believe it will be good for everyone in the UK if UKIP wins the Clacton by-election on October 9th and this is why.

It would be safe to say that the population of the UK has never felt so disillusioned and disconnected from it’s Politicians. Politicians credibility with the public has also never been lower. The problem is Politicians have generally stopped coming up with big ideas, they have refuse to rock the political boats in which they sail. They have become quite simply politically impotent, held at heal by the invisible collar of political correctness. In there attempt to appeal to everyone and offend no one they failed to improve anything or really help anyone. As a result everyone across the UK from every race and culture has had to pay the price for this stagnation of ideas. How long can a country really sustained it’s self by simply selling each other junk food and products shipped from countries that care nothing for the future of our disillusioned and jobless youth.

Parliament is long over due for a metaphorical rocket up it’s arse, something that will wake up the grey sheep and hopefully get them to think about changing their tired old approaches to their job. They need to really reconnect with the public which they have all but stop listening too. Lets face it they don’t respond to marches, petitions or even scathing articles in the newspaper or online. They can only be really effected by what happens in elections. If the prospect of loosing their jobs does not wake them from there stasis then nothing will.

So If UKIP can win in Clacton it will be a large shot across the bow of the other parties and may force them to reengage with their public. Likewise those that have become apathetic to politics may suddenly see new possibilities for change or at the very least demand change within the parties they vote for. I’m fully aware that through a manipulated media and political scaremongering UKIP has been painted and is perceived by many as some kind of Fascist regime. When I stood in Clacton UKIP HQ on Saturday i saw no iron crosses or goose-stepping i simply saw a group of people that feel that the current political elite do not represent their views and wishes they see their Heritage and traditions being eaten by a European political conglomerate that they didn’t ask for and definitely don’t want to be apart of.

Call me crazy if you like but I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and sadly neither Labour or the conservatives are the slightest bit interested in those that don’t fit within their increasingly dogmatic beliefs.

In Short
The Pond of politics needs some large stones thrown in it to create waves and force change, one of those stones may come from a Scottish yes vote (as sad as I would be to see it ) and another with luck will come from a sleepy sea side town voting against the status quo and voting UKIP. Who knows by changing little old clacton we may ignite change across the whole country, I for one hope so.

People can easily get lost in pissing matches when it comes to political parties, I’ve no interest in such things all I want to see is a nation motivated and engaged with politics whether that’s to change it or keep it the same. Every aspect of our life is controlled by the men (or the men behind them) in power, they may believe they can disengage from us or carry on unchallenged. Our future depends on letting them know they can’t and that we are watching them as much as they are watching us.

Sunset in Clacton on sea

Sunset in Clacton on sea