An Englishman’s thoughts on Scottish independence

In less than 2 days time Scotland will vote for independence from the rest of Britain, as an Englishman I have absolutely no say in this vote, despite the fact that whatever Scotland decides will effect my life completely. As an Englishman over the past 30/40 years I have come accustomed to powerlessness. To be a white male and english in a politically correct,

ethnically diverse society is to be the most despised of creatures. For we (WME) are to blame for all that is bad in this country if not the world. Any opinion we have can and is manipulated to sound sexist, racist, ageist and generally out of step with the new world order of things.

So it goes without saying i’m a big fat fool to even attempt to utter one word on Scottish Independence, but i will….

 The first thing that struck me about the Scottish independence debate is that, not once have I heard the word racist used. I had absolutely no doubt that if this was England fighting for independence from the rest of the country, we (the English) would be branded crazy hate filled fascists for even coming up with the concept.  Yet Scotland has time and time again in heated debates made it perfectly clear of what it thinks of us. Scotland may be now made up with many ethic strands, but they all rally around the flag of Scotland and enjoy a bit of English bashing even if it is most of the time good humoured. So this untouchable group the Scottish can talk about ridding themselves of their bonds with the English, Welsh and Irish, without a single cry of foul play from any of the politically correct groups that usually show up like a bad rash.

My second observation is how the grey men in power have totally misread this Scottish independence outcome. It looks on the surface that they never even believed that Scotland would really go through with it. Over the past few weeks we have seen all the great and the ‘good’ rushing over the border to do what they can to change the minds of those that may vote YES or try to  redirect the ‘Don’t know’s’ towards a NO vote. The truth is it’s all to little to late. If Scotland does say no to social and cultural amputation then it will not be because of anything the much despised politicians said. Watching David Cameron virtually beg the Scottish not to leave the union last night was the most pathetic sight I’ve seen in a long time, an affront to all the people in the rest of the UK. To see the leader of the country virtually inter-mating that without Scotland the rest of the union will decline into obscurity left a bad taste in my mouth.

OH just Vote Yes and lets move on.

Much as I don’t want Scotland to leave, if they do decide to raise two fingers to the rest of us I for one say it’s better to know were we stand and move on. We can’t get all sentimental about the past and how much the split will cost us. If Scotland has no time for us then we must not spend another second worrying about them. We have our own country to heal we need to look forward and regain some pride in our country and stop feeling so darn guilty about everything. I’m sure if the Yes wins or even if it doesn’t Wales will be the next country to seek independence, which will be much closer to home for me as I’m half Welsh and rather proud of that.

 What will really piss me off is if the divorce settlement goes on and on, over months and years, I can only see it descending into a pissing match between Scotland and Westminster. I really don’t see that the Scots have any right to the pound or a fast lane entrance to Nato or the EU, but once again I sure it will get exactly what it wants because lets face it, it’s not England is it.

It’s a real shame that it has come to this, I blame poor judgement on successive governments that have given the the Scottish a real axe to grind. That said as England becomes less and less important I’m sure many of our old enemies will take great delight in kicking us when we are down. Personally I really happen to love Scotland, I resonate deeply with the landscape, it’s traditional music and people, but hell what does that matter, I’m just a Englishman and as I intimated at the start no one gives a hoot what i think, do they.


Flag makers may be the real winners after Sept 18

My eclectic musical taste

Those of you who have followed my blogs over the years will know I have a very eclectic musical taste. People often don’t believe i can really like the different styles of music I do but, I do. I have never understood how people can only like one style of music. I know for a fact many of the people I went to school with are still trapped in the 80’s. Personally I could not think of anything more dull, sure the 80’s wasn’t without the odd tune that I still like but personally I try to stay current.

This is probably because my dad was one of those people who was trapped in the past musically, he liked big bands and all the great crooners of the time.  I made a deal with myself at a very young age that I would never get caught up in the past. I guess that sounds like maybe I would force myself to like music just to stay current but that is simply not the case.

If I like something, I like it and could give a rat’s arse what anyone else thinks, so below are some of my current favourite musical ditties. Enjoy or don’t.

The above song is for all those who have ever wondered what it’s like to have bipolar, this video/song is the nearest thing I found that sum’s up the emotions that rush through the brain …the ups and downs….which is cool for a while, but everyday! for a whole life..WFT.. no wonder I’m exhausted all the time. lol

Shake it off and laugh

If you watch animals when they become stressed, have a fight or are scared, a few seconds after the problem arises they give themselves a good shake and carry on as if nothing happened. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that, unfortunately we carry around chips on our shoulders for days, weeks and even life times.

One of the biggest problems with most adults today is they forget to laugh and just have fun, sure people drink and act stupid but that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking about just letting go without drink and drugs , just getting a little bit crazy and not caring if the world points you out as a fool.

The truth is the human race is uptight about so many things and most of our so called problems are self induced. Surrounded by all our gadgets and gizmos created to make us happy, we in truth are probably the most miserable bunch to inhabit the earth in years. We are racked by cynicism, we even are suspicious and begrudge those that appear to be having fun .

The other night while surfing vevo and trying hard to hang on to the coat tails of modern music, I came across Taylor Swift ‘shake it off’ video. I was smiling from the outset and yes even broke into a feel good laugh, this disturbed my wife so much she was actually force to  look up from ‘Game of War’ on her iPad just to check I wasn’t having a fit :) .

I have no idea what Taylor swift  is like in real life and it matter’s not, for the the persona she plays in this video was like a breath of fresh air .  I instantly brought the song so the video worked … I figure the minute i’m feeling  grumpy or stressed I can put it on smile and just as the song says …..Shake it off.

UKIP must win Clacton-on-sea, even if you hate them.

I have to start by pointing out that on Saturday I finally after a year of sitting on the fence joined UKIP here in sunny Clacton on sea. I did so for many reasons one of them simply being I wanted to help Douglas Carswell become the first UKIP MP and because I personally believe it’s now or never for UKIP.

Skip this bit to get to my point If you wish.
I’m fully aware that as someone who writes a lot about ‘Oneness’ becoming a member of UKIP may seem like a contradiction. That is just another personal perception, as i have said time and time again, all perceptions should be challenged because they are seldom if ever a universal truth.

My own personal logic is simple and some would no doubt say naive even luddite. All cultures even those that appear superficial have a long line of heritage and tradition behind them. It is my belief that all cultures have something to offer the world (yes even ours) as our local traditions die out, we move ever further towards a bland homogenised society which stands for nothing and falls for everything. As a consequence what made towns and cities across the world unique is being systematically eradicated at great speed under the premise of progress and equality.

It is my view that given the rate of current unchallenged immigrations the England that I was born into will be confined to the history books in 50 years. I also feel that people should be able to go about their lives without the nanny state continually monitoring them and telling them what they can and can’t do every second of the day. I do not feel any of the conventional political parties are the slightest bit interested in my hopes and fears or would even wish to try and understand them, much better to label me (wrongly) a racist and hope I die off quickly.

The Point
I personally believe it will be good for everyone in the UK if UKIP wins the Clacton by-election on October 9th and this is why.

It would be safe to say that the population of the UK has never felt so disillusioned and disconnected from it’s Politicians, this is born out by what is happening in Scotland. Politicians credibility with the public has also never been lower. The problem is Politicians have generally stopped coming up with big ideas, they have refuse to rock the political boats in which they sail. They have become quite simply politically impotent, held at heal by the invisible collar of political correctness. In there attempt to appeal to everyone and offend no one they failed to improve anything or really help anyone. As a result everyone across the UK from every race and culture has had to pay the price for this stagnation of ideas. How long can a country really sustained it’s self by simply selling each other junk food and products shipped from countries that care nothing for the future of our disillusioned and jobless youth.

Parliament is long over due for a metaphorical rocket up it’s arse, something that will wake up the grey sheep and hopefully get them to think about changing their tired old approaches to their job. They need to really reconnect with the public which they have all but stop listening too. Lets face it they don’t respond to marches, petitions or even scathing articles in the newspaper or online. They can only be really effected by what happens in elections. If the prospect of loosing their jobs does not wake them from there stasis then nothing will.

So If UKIP can win in Clacton it will be a large shot across the bow of the other parties and may force them to reengage with their public. Likewise those that have become apathetic to politics may suddenly see new possibilities for change or at the very least demand change within the parties they vote for. I’m fully aware that through a manipulated media and political scaremongering UKIP has been painted and is perceived by many as some kind of Fascist regime. When I stood in Clacton UKIP HQ on Saturday i saw no iron crosses or goose-stepping i simply saw a group of people that feel that the current political elite do not represent their views and wishes they see their Heritage and traditions being eaten by a European political conglomerate that they didn’t ask for and definitely don’t want to be apart of.

Call me crazy if you like but I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and sadly neither Labour or the conservatives are the slightest bit interested in those that don’t fit within their increasingly dogmatic beliefs.

In Short
The Pond of politics needs some large stones thrown in it to create waves and force change, one of those stones may come from a Scottish yes vote (as sad as I would be to see it ) and another with luck will come from a sleepy sea side town voting against the status quo and voting UKIP. Who knows by changing little old clacton we may ignite change across the whole country, I for one hope so.

People can easily get lost in pissing matches when it comes to political parties, I’ve no interest in such things all I want to see is a nation motivated and engaged with politics whether that’s to change it or keep it the same. Every aspect of our life is controlled by the men (or the men behind them) in power, they may believe they can disengage from us or carry on unchallenged. Our future depends on letting them know they can’t and that we are watching them as much as they are watching us.

Sunset in Clacton on sea

Sunset in Clacton on sea

Burning Fear and Doubt

Tomorrow the state will burn my fathers body in a funeral service which will reflect little of my own personal beliefs. As I am not a Christian and do not hold a conventional belief system I get what I get. In truth it matters not, and I can’t change the fact my dad is dead just three months after the passing of my mother. I see little point in funerals myself but i know others in my family will take comfort from it.

The one thing I have decided to take from the event is to burn all my fear and doubt in that coffin with my father. I was born into a family of worriers like most people, I can’t remember a time when my mother wasn’t afraid of something or other be it the Bank Manager or some story on the news. My father despite all his bravado seldom spoke out in public, he simply vented in the privacy of his own home. I think both of them had inferiority complexes that held them back from truly saying that they wanted and living as they wished. I by nurture inherited all this crap and from my earliest days at school that fear and doubt was smelt out by those that thought kicking the shit out of people was a fun thing to do. People up until becoming Aric, always sensed in me a weakness that could be exploited by them. Despite me achieving much so over the years, I have always been hampered by a need to still basically fit in, to not be to obviously different, for when your different you do have a habit of attracting attention and ending up mocked mauled and beaten both literally and metaphorically.

As I have no parents left to embarrassed for offend and I am now almost 48 I think it is time that I did and said exactly as I want because as they say your a long time dead. So over the past days I have been mentally packing up all the times in my life that I have been fearful and full of doubt along with all the negative out comes from those feelings. I will be mentally placing all those times in the coffin and when the furnace starts up I will be cleansed of this junk once and for all.

Some would say I should not burden my fathers soul with such stuff, but my dad died on the 12 of August and I believe by now his soul has long moved on. Whoever my father was beyond the man he acted out for us, is not in that coffin, its just a rotting shell that is no longer required much like my past mindsets.

Men throughout history have stared into fire seeking wisdom or inspiration, fires for our Kin no doubt was magical Alchemy which changed form into dust. It has always been seen as a form of cleansing for nations and individuals alike.

‘Free at last’

My fathers last years like my mothers were far from ideal full of mental and physical pain and suffering, much of my life has be the same, held down by mental chains, many of them unknowingly placed there by them. So as I walk from the church built for others than me, I will tomorrow be at peace, cleansed and finally truly born anew. My Parents did everything they could for me in life, now its time for me to honour that by living life free from the very fear and doubt that limited them truly saying and doing what they really wanted.


As someone who has Bipolar I can’t agree with Alan Brazil (talksport presenter) on his comments on Suicide , but as I support free speech I have to respect his right to voice his views. Mr Brazil is not the first person to have a low opinion of those to take their own life. The church has been raging against those that take the ultimate decision for years. Personally I have no problem with people committing suicide as long as they do it in a way that doesn’t impact others. Yes I know family and friends will always be impacted, but those people should support their loved one’s in their decision. I’m talking about those that jump in front of trains etc, those that unwittingly involved other’s into their demise and so quite literally or at least mentally destroy another person’s life, in the taking of theirs. No one can ever understand what it is like to be someone else, so to pass judgement on anyone who takes their own life is to make comment on a situation without any of the facts.

Taking all human emotion out of the subject in a over populated world government and policy makers should be supporting suicides not condemning it. If someone really does not wish to live anymore what good can society really get from forcing them to live. Yes people will always throw up the argument that people really don’t want to die, and that suicide is simply a cry for help. I’m sure their are a few stupid people that want to play mind games with others emotions but those that intend to end their life are far from stupid and they are definitely not cowards.

Despite battling depression at times, I happen to love life but I know that will not always be the case. There will come a time when life will become simply a holding cell to the inevitable and at that point my patience for ‘just living’ will no doubt wear thin. Would I take my own life if all hope was gone? Absolutely, will it be anytime soon ? Absolutely not, is it anyone else’s business? Again absolutely not.

Robin Williams committed suicide and I respect that as his decision, a death is a death how it happens is immaterial. Mr Williams mental health is no ones concern nor is his drug addiction or anything else in his life. We should, if we wish honour his passing and give thanks to the joy and laughter he brought to the world.

So your welcome to your opinion on suicide, this is mine. For me it’s just another way to do what we all do in the end and that is just die.

One final word, Alan should not have to resign from his job simply because his opinion offends, it is up to his bosses to determine if people listen to his show for his views or simply to hear sport info. I personally am left with a sour taste in the mouth every time someone is forced to fall on their sword just for expressing an opinion, no matter how ugly. I have no wish to live in a sterile PC world were no one is offended because no one ever says anything.

EGO – Yes the spiritual can wear Armani

A friend asked me to repost this, written by me in March 2009

Before we start I must confess I am completely in ignorance of fashion, that’s to say I have no interest in it. I would no more be able to pick out an Armani suit in a crowd than I can say longest place name in the UK Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (It’s a village in Wales).

Just because designer labels don’t rock my world doesn’t mean I live in some egoless dimension, when it comes to clothes I do have preference to what I wear. So here in lies the point of the article it is generally thought that ‘new age’ spiritual types should look a certain way. Often the look of a spiritual person is devised to suggest a lacking of ego, I’m thinking of monks and Indian holy men but this is a misnomer. There can be just as much ego vested in a loincloth of denial, as anything that struts down a Paris cat walk.

The historical Buddha is said to have worn a humble monk’s robe made of patched pieces of donated cloth throughout his life. And the Dalai Lama wears Rockport shoes, we can all jump to conclusions on both the buddhas and His Holiness dress sense, but that would be simply putting our own perception on the subject. Wearing humble attire does not mean the absence of ego, it simply means the persons wearing humble attire, they could be walking around thinking ‘I’m far more humble than your ever be dude’. Like wise a person in the much venerated Armani suit may no more think about what he, or what others around him are wearing than a tiger checks out his strips and think’s ‘Cool’

Of course you may disagree. But think on this if a billionaire turns up to a glitzy film premiere in a stretch limo does anyone really notice, if they come in a ford focus the media would have a field day, and write page upon page on the subject.

If the same billionaire drives around my town no one would even know, if he turns up in a limo everyone’s rubbernecking to see who’s inside. Once again it is impossible to say from a viewers stand point what above actions display ego. Often the purchasing of expensive items is a common sense decision.

Lets take the Dalai Lamas  Rockport’s (not literarily ) I know that when I spend £100 on a pair of boots apart from feeling ill (spending money on clothes has that effect on me) I’m getting a pair of boots that have in the past lasted me for two years of daily use. Now I have just brought a pair for £15 down the market and in 2 months they have almost totally fallen apart. So in two years at that rate it would cost me £180 but I would have also thrown 11 more pairs of boots into the land fill. Technology is another area where often buying cheap is a false economy.

While you may feel I’ve gone off the point I have not, Perceived indulgence and flaunting of the ego is not always that it is just sometimes good sense. As you will know I have shown my art work at many Mind body and Soul (spirit) shows and exhibitions, now I have witnessed people turning up in scruffy jeans and clothes and then 10 mins before the event starts putting on a white robe. Now I’m not judging that person but what is it really going on here? Have not the clothes just become a false persona (persona derives from the Latin for “mask”).

If Jesus was born in London in 2009 what would he wear? a hoodie? a Gucci suit ? I very much doubt it would be a robe. No clothes come with added ego, the ego dimension of all fashion is purely all down to our perceptions. A designer label can only impress those who have heard of it.

So weather I stand next to my art work in a £10 pair of jeans and a £9 shirt or my old trusty black suit, only the very few will not be judging the way I look. I know whatever I wear I will never sound or look ‘spiritual’ enough for the majority of people that go to these events, because most people say with surprise ‘oh you created this’. When his happens I know I’m going to spend the next few minutes, talking to a person who is driven by the perceptions in their head, and not the feelings in their heart.


Below I have posted my view on my image ‘Kingdom of the ego’ above as I think it fits well with the above subject.

The Kingdom of the ego is vast. It touches on our every thought and action. It is my belief that ego resides in us all from saints to sinners; Yes it can just as easily bask in our glory as it can wallow in our despair. This ego lives in the rich, the poor, the sick, the healthy, the wise and the fool. So the obvious question is – Are we all doomed forever to be slaves to what could be likened to a devil in our heads?

While I do not believe in an egoless state in this lifetime, I know that we can radically reduce its negative impact on our lives. This is done by tracking our ego at play and understanding when it is holding back our life experience. The divine essence (soul, spirit – call it what you will) within us all is unaffected by this leech on the mind. By listening to our inner self we can begin to view our life more from the stand point of the observer rather than the helpless puppet. While we may never totally break free from the egos clutches, we can thwart its domination of our lives and its desire to keep us often in a constant state of separation, dissatisfaction and fear. It is possible with practice to spend large slices of the day in the now and enjoy it, so reducing the time the monkey mind has to jump back and forth from past events to future hopes and nightmares at the egos whim.

Never forget that while we all have an ego we are not our ego and that within us lies stillness, peace an ultimate truth. So, when an unkind thought or word pops up or we look around us in judgmental condemnation, just acknowledge you egos handy work and re-centre your self and once again attempt to cast off the labels and stories of this false ruler of our mind.

Everything matters & nothing matters – back to basics.

Some years ago I came to the realisation that both everything and nothing matters, I know that’s really confusing, so let me explain myself as simply as possible. This is the way I see non duality and not as many other do.

The fact is every thought we have is a perception . Even the most spiritual people are often unable to cast aside prejudgment’s and conceived ideas. People can love each other and live in peace for years and never agree, but at some point as painful as it is we all have to make decisions that will effect our life and the lives of others. Everyday we all display preferences even if they are as simple as having a glass of water over a cup of tea.

Now in order to understand my version of non duality you have to be able to grasp the concept of life being like a jigsaw. In a jigsaw each piece plays a role but seldom upon inspection makes much sense on it’s own. Sure it may have great form and colour, it may even hold clues and wisdoms, but no matter how captivating that piece is it will always be simply one thread in the vast tapestry. To draw any real conclusions from just pieces of a jigsaw is human nature but ultimately pointless. For what may look like parts of a sky may be a ocean or simply a garden pond.

So when I speak or write about anything I’m usually speaking about pieces and seldom the whole jigsaw which can not be viewed or known from our limited view point.

I’m sure many people will say this is just a clever side step as ‘oneness’ can not be proved and yes they have a point, but not a truth. You can and do make judgements on the world around you, often this is simply just to stay alive which we perceive as very important. The key for me is not to think for one minute i’m more or less than anyone else, I neither right or wrong, i’m just a simple piece in a jigsaw and I can like it or lump it, it matters not.

This is why I so often write ‘life just is’ or ‘universally speaking’ i do it just to hammer home the fact that I ultimately don’t know, and neither do you, or anyone those in society perceive as wise

Live life as you wish or as your told

You can do what you want today, buy a chocolate bar or blow your own brains out, it really matters not. You can change your piece of the jigsaw a great deal and the universe will simply reshape it’s self around your actions, unaffected . You can live your life to the word of your god, or simply make it up as you go along it matters not universally, but to your friends, family, county and country it may appear to matter a great deal. So I guess it’s all down to you and who you thinks important. I do not believe anyone is right, no one knows the ultimate truth people simply make judgement calls which they think will help them get by in this world or the next.

So for me Morality and what is good or bad is just a weak human summation on a small piece of time and space nothing more nothing less …Our views shift century to century once old men married 14 year old girls, once it was ok to sleep with the same sex, then it wasn’t and now it is depending where you live in the world. Some people say our ancestors where very very wise, others say they were very very stupid. Duality is in Constant state of flux, non duality is frame in which all this messing about goes on.

I still have duality in my life I’d rather eat chocolate than horse shit

It’s a fact Nondualism is a fringe belief system, probably because it really holds no answers and can be rather uncomfortable at times when people get all emotional about all the ‘bad’ things in life. Most people want clear define lines of good and bad so consequentially people that talk about ‘oneness’ are often seen as barking mad or tree hugging hippy types.

Within non duality their are those that claim to be so really at ‘one’ they have no preface on anything and if that’s true for them cool, but that is definitely not me. I see duality everywhere , but i feel/ believe that everything is linked and a part of a great Universal Whole or a divine matrix if you like. I can grasp that their is universally speaking nothing to do and no where to go, that up and down are just judgement calls based upon a current position and not fixed points.  I know that nothing I do is right or wrong, good or bad, but everyday I know I take actions that in my limited sphere of influence can keep me alive or make me dead.

While death it would seem is simply the result of life and the reshaping of energy, for now I would rather be alive. So daily I do my best avoid death as far as i can I step out the way of trucks and avoid touching live cables or pissing off people with guns. One day I will conclude that life is no longer worth living for me, maybe because of ill health or an oppressive situation or government. I will then take action if possible to cease to live in the most pain free and convenient method possible.

So whats the point?

Well obviously apart from being born (done that) multiplying (didn’t do that) and dieing (on my list of things to do one day) life has no point that we can see. Despite all the books and all the thinking not to mention millions of years of struggle life it would seem is apparently pointless, which really can seem at times like a real buzz kill. Then again as we can’t see the whole jigsaw who knows, maybe just like all those small cells inside us we do a really important job in the universe, even if it is just killing planets. Maybe one day someone or something will hold our piece of the universe in their gaze and say WOW! did you see what all those funny little thing have done………or then again maybe they won’t.

So worry if that feels good, suffer if that feels right.. rage against the machine knock yourself out, or simply fall asleep on a beach with a good book. Do what you want, say what you like, just don’t ever tell me how to live my life or claim to have all the answers ……unless you do lol ….you know you don’t right :)….. it’s ok no one does.

Does reincarnation exist?

Originally posted on on my visionary art blog Jan 2009

I would like to start off with my favourite quote:
“Man is the only animal whose own existence is a problem that he has to solve.”

I truly believe that in this quote lies mankind’s greatest dilemma. That said I do enjoy pondering the impossible to answer.  I believe our growth as a race lies in the understanding that no matter our insight, religious or scientific stand points what we hold to be truth is ultimately just theory. Our personal perceptions are ultimately always made from a very ‘very’ limited view of the universe and the big picture. To say that man knows nothing is a greater truth than to say he knows anything at all.

So with that as my disclaimer as it were, l stumble forth into the maze of reincarnation.

For me on one level everything in the universe is reincarnating all the time as our bodies and in fact everything breaks down and returns to the earth or cosmos .  We are born again and again in many different ways as food for micro organisms and so into that world wide and never ending food chain. Parts of us return to water and air and as such we may roam free for millennia before once again making up the bodies of beings, planets or stars. While it may not make for great dinner table talk our bodies go forth forever and most of the time its just as food or energy. As they say we are born of the stars or to put it in a less dreamy manner we are made from the stuff of stars. So everything in my view has been and will be forever and ever..

What could be greater than is? A universe (or multiverse) that remoulds and rebirths it’s self forever. What more could we ask for? Is it not comfort enough to know we will become more than we can ever know? From the beating heart of a robin to the dust on the horizon of a planet we don’t even know exists.

The fact is for the ego the above is not enough, as it does not offer a future for it’s self. It offers no continuation for the kingdom in which the ego lives, it suggests the ego is ultimately doomed. So like the idea of Oneness (we are all ultimately linked within the matrix of life) the ego rejects the concept. The above kind of reincarnation is pointless the ego demands more, for the ‘I’ it demands nothing less than to be at the centre of the universe forever.

So as I am truthful enough to say I haven’t a clue about anything, let’s say that our spirit or our life experiences goes on when we die. That sounds possible I guess and it embraces the egos need to go on.

Could all that we have been in life be uploaded in pure energy form to the great matrix? (source, god call it what you will ) Then this info, our lifetime is processed and maybe even downloaded back into a new body. This for me is as equally as wonderful as the first idea and could in fact run along side the above. The universe can now be seen as the ultimate recycler, bodies in the green bin, thoughts and life-force energy in the white bin, thank you.

While my life experiences may be reborn deep inside the knowing of another body that other body will not be me. Then the ‘I am’ that is ‘ Aric Voss’ is a one time deal, a limited edition of one, as are you. Never in the history of the whole of everything will there ever be another you or me. How cool is that, they will never see the likes of us again, ok it is a little sad if your really loving this life time. Also I’m not totally sure it meets the egos needs, as its great domain is just reduced to the deep dark memory banks of someone or somethings else’s mind.

Now things start to get a little mind bending if they haven’t already.
It could be said and in fact I’m going to say it as have others …we are reincarnating all the time in this very life time:-

I know I was a baby, an infant, a teen but I know also I’m not that person any more. Once I had my heart broken so bad I thought I would never get over it, now like so much of my past when I think of it, it’s just like watching a rerun of some old movie with actors whose faces you know, but are ultimately nameless.

I have reincarnated in this the body (like Dr who) time and time again over my 47 years, not one of my cells remains from my birth  As you will all know we are told we have a whole new body every seven or so years…..So who was born by another name is now rebrand as Aric Voss, but every year month day, I decide if the ‘Aric Voss’ show goes on or stops. For as thousands of teacher have said now is the only time of Power, so in this now I can choose to be who I want. If I was so driven Aric could die as my birth name did and a another new persona could be born. We are given the chance every minute, hour, day, month, year to change, to be reborn to resurrect a new. The problem is society demands we are who we are, a whole life time; it says we must remain this collection of screw ups and victories from our past until death. This is lifes most disempowering perception and one what forces people into the dark places of the mind, where suicide can at times seem like the only way out.

For me the truth in this life is we reincarnate when we wish, we play this role that is our life as long as it serves us. This collection of experiences, dark, light, good and bad are our choice. Only the weakest actor stays with the play that no one comes to watch. The divine matrix (god everything call it what you like) in my mind has no knowledge of dualism. Only we see the world as up or down, right or left, good or bad, right or wrong, hot or cold, alive or dead. Only we believe we can’t change can’t reincarnate. For the universe everything just is, it’s all perfect and whole forever.

So ultimately we write the script that we want to watch, if we want to believe we are small and powerless we are. If want to believe no one will ever know who we were once we die, they won’t. We can believe we need to be punished for our past acts and we will be. We can believe we are part of god and straight way we are. Reincarnation starts and ends when you think it should and no one other than yourself will ever change your mind on that.

The real questions should be not does reincarnation happen but do we deserve to be reincarnated? I say this not from a moral stand point, but from that stand point that asks have you truly proved you can live life? As the saddest mutterings on a death bed must be ‘I wish I’d lived more’. How many times have you heard ‘maybe in the next life’ Is that’s all reincarnations is, some kind of idea we created to make us feel better for not living this life the way we wanted. There is no time limit on dreams and no age limit on change never ever wait for the next life as long as your still in this one.

Aric Voss -

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Goodbye Mum

I guess to many people it may be a strange thing to do to sit and blog about the the death of your mum just hours after hearing about it. I don’t do it for effect and i can a sure you I’m defiantly not fishing for sympathy. I’ve never been very good at taking sympathy or complements. All my art and blogs are done for my own personal enjoyment or I guess you could say therapy, if others get something out of them cool but that is never my motivation.

I’m really not for sentimentality , sure I will cry (yes even big hairy vikings cry), I have cried. Holding the hand of your mum in hospital as she lays paralysed from a heart attack and stroke would make most people cry at some point. Grief has it’s place and hiding it or bottling it away can’t be good for the mind body or soul. My Mum lived and died as we all must. She was one of life’s meek people who worried about everything and spent most of her time in fear of something happening. She did everything buy the book to the point she would make nuns look like sinners. She was a loving mother who always worried about her family more than herself ..

Her husband, my Dad has dementia (or some form of this) She had taken care of him for years even when he didn’t . He was/is one of those men who need a mother and a wife. She was both and even when he was being an A1 A-Hole she would simply bite her tongue and maybe slam the odd cabinet door. I believe that it was the constant pressure of my fathers illness over that past weeks that brought about her final demise. Some in the family will resent my dad for that, me I think it takes two to tango, mum simply saw it as doing her duty to the man she was married to for over 50 years.

As I write this my wife is in A&E with my dad after yet another fall (I have just come home to be with the dogs a while). We now are forced to place him in a care home with all the pain and guilt that brings. My Dad obviously new my Mum was ill but I don’t think he could grasp how much. I know he feels guilty about the pressure he put on her, as he said as much to me, but as i have hinted everyone always has a choice in life and she could have asked for help but pride and the guilt always stopped her.

I loved my Mum even if she could talk the back legs off a donkey lol

I will miss her and thank her for every sacrifice she ever made in giving me a childhood that was safe warm and loving….

I’ve nothing more to add as this viking has got something in his eye……..

Goodbye MUM you made the right choice to go …… Aric x


Mum and Dad when times were good.