Love is in the Air

It’s Valentine’s tomorrow and don’t worry if you feel like Charlie Brown or even look like him, you will most probably meet someone eventually, trust me I know about these things. And ladies I’m sure somewhere out there is a man who looks just like the guy out of that TV program you fancy. When your not Mr or Mrs popular days Like Valentines can really suck, but don’t worry, all the beautiful people hate Halloween and that’s our  favourite day is it not? :). So no matter what happens tomorrow make sure you have a laugh because finding a mate takes time especially if you are a tortoise.

Here is my image for tomorrow which you can share if the mood takes you on your social Network of Choice.


Propaganda AKA The News

aricvossfakenews‘Some countries stream propaganda from street towers, here brainwashing is done by ‘The News’ that millions watch & read but rarely question.’

So for years I’ve been saying the News is bad for you (See Engaging the Madness), but for sometime now it’s become apparent that the networks no longer want to simply pump fear into our brains, no they now want to tell us exactly how to think. I’m not naive enough to believe that the news as ever really been impartial, but Since Brexit and Trump it has ceased to make any attempt to hide there allegiances.

No matter what you think of Trump, few people can say in America that the news networks are offering up a balanced view of his actions. Nope everything he says and does is ridiculed and ‘proved’ wrong, every action and word is labelled as racist. We are told daily Trump is anything from a fool to a full blown psychopath, who’s aim is only to be the new ‘Hitler’. We see night after night  crowds of demonstrators  Shouting ‘Not my President’ and much worse, which is their right in a country of free speech, but we see little to no info on the millions that voted for Trump.

Despite Trump being voted in using the same process as every other president, the main stream media seem to imply that he got there by accident or luck. They brand anyone that voted for such a ‘mindless racist’ as a ‘irrelevant crazy person’. Personally I’m  vehemently pro freedom of speech, what that means and it’s worth restating those ‘crazy hate filled people’ have as much right to have their say as those that claim to  spread  ‘love and light’. As to which one is which it’s getting increasingly hard to establish.

If news networks want to use all their power to discredit Trump or Brexit then that’s fine, but they need to come clean and proclaim that. They need to state that they no longer offer up impartial news, if advertising companies can’t mislead the public,  why should news corporations be able to do it?  All life is Yin and Yang, light and dark and so there are always at least two sides to every argument. The fact is intelligent debate and conversation no longer seems important. If we are to believe the news the world is just full of people that want to protest and scream at those they don’t agree with.

So while I have always said the news unquestioned will just fill you up with fear, it now seems it’s  also designed to fill you up with hate for those that do not see they world as the media wishes. My own simple daily mantra as always been ‘Question Everything’ but now we are entering a time where anyone who questions the vocal masses or the mainstream media is simply a’evil child eating Nazi ‘

If like me you want a antidote to the main stream media I recommend you check out :-

The Rubin Report  (old fashion calm and balanced discussion)
No Agenda  ( Picking apart the mainstream media with humour )
David Icke   ( hated and ridiculed by the media that must mean he’s touched a nerve )

Full disclosure I donate a few pounds a month to all the shows above, NOT because I agree with everything they say, but because I think it’s vital to support those who are offering up an alternative view to the large news corporations.

Fake News AKA Propaganda is nothing new, it’s permeated every aspect of human life since we started talking to each other. History proves millions of lies have been told, to billions of people, to get them to think, do and often die for those in power. We must be brave we can never simply bend to the will of the mob, or go along with what is deemed to be ‘right’ my the media. History has proved time and time again what is ‘right’ today may be viewed as very wrong tomorrow.

Parliament Must Vote to Trigger Brexit

Parliament must vote to trigger Brexit –
So they couldn’t hide the truth (we already new) any longer, democracy is just an illusion.

Even those that screamed like little babies at the out come of the Brexit vote should be very afraid, because even the illusion of democracy is now dead welcome to the….



Picking up litter in the Scottish Borders

‘Hell, sheep in the Scottish borders sure do consume a lot of beer and energy drinks’

For quite some time, I have noticed an increase in litter whilst walking my dog. But last week when a large plastic sheep feed bag appeared up a tree I declared enough was an enough. I have no doubt the bag arrived in the tree because of the elements or negligence, rather than malicious intent, but however it got there I knew I was going to be stuck looking at it until the council removed it or I died of old age. So, this Sunday I decided to do something about it.  Armed with my extending camera stand, I waded across the river and after a few attempts freed the bag from the tree. I did it not for praise but simply because I could not stand to look at the bloody thing it anymore. Below is a quick animation of the events taken by my wife, I think she was hoping I’d fall in :).


Once I had got the bag out of the tree, I thought I may as well put it to use and see how much rubbish I could collect on our walk. After a few miles, it was full up and both my wife and I were amazed by how much litter there really was. Now as I have said before I don’t live on a particularly busy road, but we do get a lot of cyclists in our area and 80% of the litter was energy drinks. Therefore, I’m going to make possibly an unfairly assumption and put the blame on them first and foremost: –

‘Dear cyclists in the Scottish borders, this is not the bloody Tour de France there is no support team coming to pick up your rubbish!!! So, take it home.’

After energy drinks, it was coffee cups and beer cans, both probably tossed from the car window because they can’t bare the sight of litter in their car but it’s perfectly fine on the side of the road. Again, this is not Trafalgar Square people there are no sweepers coming to clear up your junk.  In fact, in 6 months, I have not seen anyone come along from the council so it’s just me and anyone else who cares. Exactly why you can’t put a bin in your car and take it home is beyond me. As for those bloody beer and cider cans, well who ever said drinking and driving wasn’t still a thing. I guess if you care so little about your own life and the lives of other drivers, you’re not going to give a toss about littering the country side.

Below is the sheep feed bag at the end of the walk.  Now I must use my own wheelie bin for other people’s rubbish, but that’s fine the council will me giving me a discount on my council tax …. lol will they hell!


For me there are few things that piss me off on a local level as much as litter. The amount of litter I see in an area is simply a marker to how much people care about where they live and the people they live with. Now I must confess that compared to some places I’ve lived the Scottish borders has a relatively low litter problem. However, let’s be honest if what I collected above was just from a short walk it’s far from perfect. So why do people litter, I thought about this a lot over the years and I can only conclude it’s linked to low self-esteem, laziness, poor social discipline and I guess to some stupid buggers deemed it cool.

Fines don’t work as police are too far and few between and would probably rather avoid the paperwork.  I’m personally for public flogging, but once again you’ve got to catch the buggers. So, I guess it comes back to good parenting and schooling, but we can’t just blame it on the ‘younger generation’ because it’s not just them. Many people simply just don’t care about anything other than their own small world and most of them don’t even care about that. Maybe I’m a fool to get so angry about litter, maybe humanity is just too broken to understand why wading through other people’s crap isn’t normal or a good thing .

Update : We have seen a council  litter picker on our road a few times since this blog which is nice.

Site Revamp Finished


So after days of going through over 240+ post going back to March 2008 I’m done. This is the first time all my work has be back together for around 5 years. I think I still have a few images to fix or add but I’ll do that as and when I get the chance. My Zazzle site is also looking better, but I still about another 30 images to upload. With such a slow internet connection here in the Scottish Borders I can only stand to do a few pictures every day.

It is quite amazing how many articles I have written and how good some of them are, my god blowing my own trumpet that’s a first. Anyway as it’s Tuesday I thought I’d repost my ‘Tentacle Tuesday’ image (above) for those of you that follow that wacky tradition.

Over the coming year i hope to add some new elements to this site, I may even be posting some of my music and silly audio clips I’ve been working on who knows, I’m sure I don’t.

So thanks for your support and don’t forget to view my other site   for my snaps of the Scottish Borders and beyond. Oh yes and a belated happy new year

Don’t Panic Site Revamp

On the internet time seems to move very faster indeed and in no time blogs and websites begin to look very outdated and unloved. Over the next couple of weeks I intend to fix that.

I’m going to be consolidating a number of my other blogs here, so everything I have done over the years is all finally in the same place. That will mean that this site will get a lot crappier looking before it gets better with missing pictures and dead links.

So don’t panic over the next few weeks as things will go up and down. normality will be restored as soon as possible. At the same time I’m also revamping my Zazzle store.

So wish me luck as I will need it.

Just some of my work and snaps over the years

 Man Takes Photo Blog

I have decided to start a new photo blog which can be found at Man Takes Photo it will be focusing on my new life in the Scottish borders.

I believe many people simply do not have the time or inclination to read long form articles like the ones on here. So I have decided to strip the blog format back as far as possible, just a simple photo usually taken on a phone and a few relevant words. The new site really is just a picture diary for my own amusement if people happen to stumble upon it that’s just fine.

I will continue to post articles on here, but for now my focus will be on the new blog. Also I’m rebuilding my art store on Zazzle (completion date 1st Feb 2017) I managed to delete most of my stuff in a moment of bipolar madness. Apologies friends and supporters if you haven’t been able to find what you are looking for over the past year.