Dave Rubin talks to Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte is loud and I felt this was not going to be a interview I could stay with, but stay with it I did and it ended up being one of the most inspiring I’ve seen on the Rubin report. It is a call to anyone who believes in freedom of speech, while I’m sure many will be offended by what she has to say I thank the gods she is brave enough to say it. If you can’t watch the whole video I recommend watching the last 5 minutes or so as it is very powerful. It really is a case of Stand for something or fall for everything.

If like me you love your land, traditions or simply your right to say what you like when you like, you must start to question those that must not be questioned. How much in the west do we really care about our freedom? Many of our forefathers died to give us what we have, will we now give it all away for fear of simply being accused racist?

Now incorporating Mantakesphoto

avcastleThose that follow this site will know I set up another blog upon moving to the Scottish Borders called ‘mantakesphoto.com’ I have decided to stop that, I was simply not taking enough snaps to warrant a whole site for it.

Below in italic was the whole premise of that original blog, which will be now be incorporated here.  Past posts can be searched using :- ManTakesPhoto or Google Pixel Photos

My name is Aric Voss and I live in a beautifully remote part of the scottish borders. I have been creating art in one form or another since 1983. For the past 23 years it seems when I have not been lugging bulky cameras and equipment around, I been planted to the spot editing images on a PC for hours. I decided this year 2016 I would make a change to the way I work…..

Keeping it simple.
The whole premise of this website (mantakesphoto) is simplicity. From the length of the text to the creation of the images. Most of the photos you will see are taken on a google pixel phone unless stated otherwise. These posts reflect my thoughts on life and interactions in the borders and beyond.

Feel free to repost my work but do not remove my credit -Thank you

Youtube demonetised this Rubin Report Video.

Youtube demonetised this Rubin Report video due to the nature of the topics discussed. While you may not agree with the point of view of Yasmine Mohammed it falls within the parameters of what I would call everyday freedom of speech, there is no hate speech in this video. I can only conclude that Youtube is using demonetisation as a weapon to push a ‘Political Correctness Agenda’ which will ultimately result in the death of the freedoms most of us hold crucial to the survival of western world. We must not avoid dealing with important topics just because they may offend others . If freedom of speech is important to us isn’t it about time we all began to wean ourselves off Googles’ video player and look elsewhere, possibly Vidme ???

I quit Facebook Again

Not really a post, just a quick statement to say I have quit Facebook, again. I really can’t understand what people find so fascinating about this site. It has always been my least favourite Social Network, it really just creeps me out, very much like Zuckerberg himself. I hate the way everything in life seems to require you have a Facebook account from shopping to apps and games. I think everyone who believes in freedom of speech needs to be very afraid of corporations that think they are the web. Both Google via youTube and Facebook are overstepping the mark daily, dictating how we should see the world and what’s love and what’s hate. So I’m off Facebook. I’m also taking a break from Twitter. I really can’t stand all the shouting and screaming which will only get worse now a general election has been announced. Basically, I’m just getting to old to listen to politicians and CEO’s that say what they think we want to hear and then deliver on nothing they promised.

I will continue to post articles and embed videos that offer up alternative views to those pushed by the PC far left.  Well, at least as long as WordPress.com decides it can continue or is permitted to support freedom of speech which conflicts with the group thought of the moment. Once the West starts cutting off access to ideas that are deemed to rock the political and cultural boat ‘Free’ ‘civilisation’ is over for everyone, and Orwells 1984 is finally fully engaged.

Make a stand,  even if it is just taking your life back from Facebook. If networks are important to you why not give mewe.com a go, I’ve just started on there and it seems a bit more civilised. Or better still just go outside and enjoy the fresh air, while you can.


Sunny Weekend in the Borders


It’s been a while since I posted on this part of my site sorry about that, I’ve been busy doing other things. Anyway this weekend has been stunning in our part of the Scottish Borders, I’ve been enjoying working in the garden. The Photo above was taken yesterday under one of my local bridges, thank the gods for wellingtons as the water is still icy cold. Obviously I have applied some effects in photoshop to the original shot taken on the Google Pixel, but I like the result and that is all that matters.

Big curves, loving yourself and hating body shaming


It seems men are not allowed to have a view about women in 2017

We now live in a world that would rather it’s men not talk about women in any context. I mean men over the age of 25 talking about women that’s just creepy right? What do they know about women anyway? And what about these married men, some of them over 50  who still find other ladies attractive or feel their view on the female body is still relevant, shouldn’t we get these old farts castrated because that’s just plain nasty?

All joking aside, the inconvenient truth is most men are hardwired to be attracted to the opposite sex. I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news but this basic and primal programming can not be deleted and it does not at the time of writing have an age cut off date,  at least not yet. Hence why old rich farts offend the minds and eyes of society by dating young and dare I say sexy models. Yes that nice old granddad down the home is still checking out the female form when he has the right glasses on, Eew Gross! LOL

That said, I’m not here to write about the male sex drive, I’m here to rock society to it’s very core with this simple fact, like it or hate it some men (more than you would like to think ) are attracted to big plus size women. Yes those forms that the media would rather we reject, the ones people describe in a whole myriad of ways from well meaning to disrespectful to just pain hateful. Here is just a few:-
Fat, Fatty, Pud, chunky, curvy, thick, flabby, buxom, pig, plumpish, wide, obese and the now fetishised porn tag BBW.

To be honest I hate most of them,  I’m pleading the 5th on the naming subject, but my wife likes curvy or buxom best. So, while I fully understand that in our politically correct world It’s not the done thing to use such words or to think about people as body shapes. I’m an old fart who rejects most of that PC bull-crap. I hate all name calling, personally I came from a time/family that unless you were a total jerk you treated all women with respect, no matter of their size, simply because that’s what men were meant to do. Don’t worry people on the far left, I’ll be dead in a few decades and promise I’ll take my quaint deviant ideas with me, but I digress.

Let’s show some hate for those body shamers

As a man who has lived around big women my whole life, my mum was fat before it was fashionable in the 70’s, I know how painfully sad it can be to be a fat woman in a thin fashion world. Hell I was even bullied at school for a time simply because my mum was the only fat woman in town, how screwed up is that? Luckily in 2017, women have to be really, really big before they have to wear the tent dresses my mother was forced to make for herself. The fashion and glamour industries may not have completely embraced the plus size lady, but it is far better than it used to be.

Now I just need to acknowledge one thing, our screwed up media has not only made millions of over weight women feel crap about themselves, they have also messed with the brains of girls most of us would see as thin. Being an ex glamour/boudoir photographer, I worked with hundreds of women and most of them wrongly hated their appearance. I remember once making the massive mistake of calling a girl I had a good working relationship with fat, just as a joke she was painfully thin, she answered back, I know. I realised straight away she had a problem, she really believed she was fat. After talking to her boyfriend he confirmed she could not see herself as she really was. Luckily after a few months of help and positive reinforcement she began to see her body differently and gained enough weight to be healthy. Sadly not everyone is that lucky thousands of women every year kill themselves, both quickly and slowly because society, and most often friends and family have made them hate themselves.

While I understand that a women is not going to take the word of some old fart over the hundreds of magazine covers she is forced to gaze at in the supermarket every week. Many men simply do love big women. Any intelligent person knows that our own brains are often our greatest enemy. I bet right now somewhere in the world a girl is standing at a bar with friends saying to herself ‘I look so fat in this outfit, why the fuck did I wear these high heels I feel like a pig on a stick’.
While across the room a man is looking at the very same woman saying to himself  ‘Check out that sexy lady at the bar, hell I wish I was brave enough to talk to someone that beautiful’.

Now just calm the hell down haters

Before feminists, doctors and any one else who just enjoys hating gets all up in my grill (do they still say that?), I know being fat isn’t seen as being healthy, nor should a woman base her worth on what men think. The fact is women are fat for a whole host of reasons from mental states to metabolism, medication and yes simply because they love to eat. While I know scientists will bring out graphs and studies to validate their claims that the weight will kill you. I have a totally different view to life, why the hell do we believe that a long life equals happiness. We are all going to die, what matters is how we lived not how long, There are thousands of people sitting alone in homes that wish they died years ago. So the ‘eat drink and be merry’ approach while frowned on by society made be as good as any other. That said my mother was morbidly obese for nearly 40 years she led an active life only went to the doctors twice in that time and died of a stroke at 78, which to be honest was a pretty good age. I believe that the world is so polluted with industrial crap, nuclear particles and stuff we have never heard of that the life expectancy will start to go down over the coming decades, not up.

Let her eat cake

So why do men like plus sized women? Well it would be foolish to generalise. Personally, I just like big curves for me that is what I find attractive and this is what we are talking about :- an individuals tastes. I have never subscribed to group thought, I do not believe in a standardised ideal body type, I like difference in everything from music to movies to bodies. I’m naturally attracted to curvy women of colour even though I’ve been in a monogamous marriage to a woman who is from an anglo-native American bloodline for 24 years. We can’t help what turns us on, turns our head or even makes us blush. I find it so sad that most people are simply afraid to talk about their sexual preferences, I am sure it’s why everyone is so wound up and angry. Part of the reason for writing this is the hope men will be more open about their admiration for the larger woman, its something that many will face ridicule for.

I know it’s not PC, but I have enjoyed looking at females that flaunt their sexuality for as long as I can remember, I don’t think that will stop just because I’m getting old or people wish it would.

Society should not have a problem with a woman who loves her food and packs on the pounds, as long as she is happy and is still able to live an active and fulfilling life that way. Being happy in our own skin no matter what others say is the most important thing along with being truthful to ones self. I feel sorry for big women that say on the one hand they are happy with their weight, but are always so self-deprecating and always so quick to try the next diet fad. Women like that are obviously not happy being big, that could simply be because they are still in the paradigm where what ‘other’ people think matters more than their own happiness. Personally I do not approve of women are getting dangerously fat simply to for-fill someones fetish that is not what I’m advocating here at all. If a woman is truly unhappy about their weight no matter what size they are, they must see a doctor. I say again however If a woman believes she can’t be ‘sexy’ because of her size then she is mistaken. Sexiness has far more to do with a mental attitude and an inner confidence than some ‘perfect’ body size. Yes haters fat people can still have confidence and be sexy.

I want you and everyone to feel good about their body because life is to short to be worrying about what others think. At the end of the day this is simply an attempt to make big women feel good about themselves, to tell them to stop hiding away, blank the haters and  have some fun. Everyone deserves to enjoy their life no matter what size, age, or colour they are.

Learn to Love your curves because big women are beautiful.

Change of Avatar


Just to let you know I’ve gone back to using my shield avatar across my social networks instead of the one below. This is for three reasons I like the shield, I like a change and finally the icon of my head is no longer correct as I’ve grown my hair out :).

The  Viking Shield is simply my Initials AV and a fox head, as Voss (or VOS) means fox in many languages. I know many people will see the image as something dark and sinister, that’s their prerogative, but that is also just there perception and there is not much I can do about that.

No longer in use.



Nicola Sturgeon – Speak for yourself

Nicola Sturgeon is a politician and as politicians go she is rather good one. That is not to say I like the woman or most of what she stands for, but I can see when it come to politics she is very good a playing the game.

Sadly, being good at politics does not naturally mean you’ll be any good at running a country. I know for a fact that many people in Scotland vehemently hate Sturgeon, I can see them begin to shake when I even mention her name. Likewise I’m sure there are many that think Nicola is the best thing to happen to the country since Irn-Bru I just haven’t met any yet, but saying that I do live in a very remote part of the Scottish Borders.

People who live outside of Scotland may believe that when Sturgeon speaks she does so as the heart, body and mind of this beautiful country.  The fact is she doesn’t and that is why I’m writing, because it sickens me that she acts as if she does. As all great politicians do, Nicola manipulates every piece of news even the bad stuff to confirm what she believes or wants to believe is true.

Nicola Sturgeon would have the world believe that she cares passionately about the Scottish people and that she feels her peoples hopes and fears on a very visceral level. But for many, even those of us in Scotland, she is simply an opportunist. Quite frankly, Nicola has taken result of the Brexit vote and used it as a weapon to get the only thing she really wants :- Scottish Independence. Her claims are that because more people voted to say in the EU than to leave she now has the god give right to call another independence vote. The truth of the matter is out of 3,987,112 people eligible to vote only 1,661,191 felt strong enough about not leaving the EU that they actually turned up.

So lets do a very politician thing and restate this: Nicola Sturgeon is not speaking for the whole of Scotland on the EU, she is speaking for the 1,661,191 who actually voted Remain in the EU.

While 1.6 million is not an insignificant number, it is when placed next to the 5+ million population of Scotland or the 64.1 million of the UK as a whole, all who would be affected by Sturgeons actions. You can understand why so many people are angry and wish for now at least she would just be quiet and wait to see how Brexit plays out. If she can’t wait a few years then it would suggest the urgency has far more to do with how history will see Nicola Sturgeon than the needs of the Scottish People.

Google Pixel panorama fish-eye mode


I’ve had the google pixel phone for some time now and I especially enjoy using the panorama modes. As I have said before the way the phone stitches the images together can be a bit random, but most of the times it works fine. The image of the Bridge near my home (above) was shot with the fish eye mode and was put together perfectly . I’ve massively resized the image from the original 41.5MP   6444 × 6444.  10.2 MB size but you get the general idea of what this mode does.