Too close to homes (lives over views)

I feel the ego is working over time and to the detriment of future lifetimes when it stands in opposition of wind farms and any type of turbine based green power. While I understand no one likes change, I feel that we have reached a tipping point in the life span of the human race. We can think on an insular level or on a global one. If people continue to rage against proposed wind farms due to a obstruction of scenic views, or just the fact they don’t want them near their home, then I fear that the government will simply force through what they really want more nuclear PowerStations . This will be an own goal for all. For while the UK nuclear industry may not have had any known disasters, up and till now, this is no reason to feel safe. All man made items will inevitable at some time breakdown, be it now, next week or twenty, fifty years in the future. Despite safe guards and repairs, planes do crash, boats sink, dams leak even things like the space shuttle blow up. A nuclear power station is no different except for the fact that when one of these do finally go wrong the death toll in the UK will be mind boggling.

I can’t believe that any person can really be naive enough to be happy with more

nuclear PowerStation’s being built. Living in Essex the ‘too close to homes’ campaign may win against wind turbines but when in a few years time the Bradwell PowerStation is re built (as it will be I’m sure) they will be just a few miles away from a time bomb that will not only strip them of their precious views but their lives as well.

Times are a changing, sadly saying no to change will only make the time and place of the inevitable change more and more difficult to swallow.

A final thought, just how many solar panels could they put on homes across England when compared to one nuclear power station? Also given the dismay at fuel prices shouldn’t we all start finding ways to unplug from the faceless power companies for good?