Meat your food

Ok my wife and I became vegetarians over 4 years ago. I have no problem with people eating meat and i am not on a crusade to stop the world from eating animals. People will give up eating animals when they are ready to do so.

The main reason I gave up eating ‘Flesh’

Over the years the life quality of animals in the food chain has been reduced and reduced, and despite what other people feel is ok I can not see that any animal unable to run, jump and live in natural light has any quality of life no matter how well they are cared for.

The way the animals are put to death is also beyond my ability to personally live with.

Despite all claims that animals do not have feelings, anyone that has a pet will know this is complete bull. Like so many things in life the human brain will do anything to try to rationalise and make acceptable even the most absurd notions. The key problems with animal slaughter for me is the fact that the animals are herded into small pens for transport and then subjected to the sounds and smells of the slaughter house before the act of slaughter is committed. Anyone who has taken a dog to a vet will know how they pick up on the smells and fear of other animals. How amplified must that be in these animal death camps? Plus the way the animals are handled in their final moment lacks the respect all life should be given.

I know that many people find ‘veggies’ a joke or need to constantly try to make it an issue. Like I said, I simply state why I don’t eat meat… what you choose to do is up to you.

I guess my only hope is that all people fully investigate the way animals are handled in the food chain and see if that aligns with their own feelings of animals. If it doesn’t then the answer is simple- just stop eating meat. It’s easy and anytime that smell of fast food engages your senses just recall the pain and suffering the animal as been through to bring you that tasteless and nutritionally devoid burger.

Below I have added links to pages on the vegetarian site so you can find out how the animal lives before it makes its way into your gut. I fully understand that some farmers look after their livestock and have a great deal of respect for that animal. They do their best to make the life of the animal as relaxed and normal as possible, but they would have to agree that they are few and far between. Just click on the name to go to the websites… (some people may find this very distressing – but I guess that’s the point)


Why not view The Meatrix I and II for a cartoon of intensive animal farming… Thought provoking not grotesque…