Despite all past wisdom we still:

Seek comfort and happiness in stuff.
(Material junk clutters homes, minds and landfills.)
Look for validation in crowds.
(Scratch the surface do the famous look happy?)
Flutter around the glow of despair.
(Watch, read, listen and discuss the news.)
Believe salvation is found in another.
(Friends, lovers, priests and politicians.)
Mine for answers in bibles and books.
(Dissect literature in order to support our cause.)
Wrap ourselves in blankets of noise.
(Most fear the silence where truth resides.)
Try to build a world around solid facts?
(Science is no more solid than anything else.)
Rage against our place in the world.
(Scenery seldom heals a misplaced perception.)
Fight against everything we hate.
(What you appose grows.)
Deny who we are
(Divine essence)
Seek wisdom.
(we already have all the answers within, yet we continue to seek.)

Known by all, written by Aric Voss