Broadband and companies that just don’t care.

The following blog is a cathartic rant please feel free to over look.

First I have to apologize friends for my time away from my blog, This was due to the Internet provider that I had long suffered with cutting me off weeks before my new one (sky broadband) started. This was despite assurances that this wouldn’t happen. It seems that despite a contractual agreement to keep the customer connected during change over of Internet providers, some just decide to pull the plug early as it would seem as a two finger gesture to you leaving them. I had been with BT broadband for many years and never had any problems, but early this year my broadband decided to act much like the old dial up.

As I limped around the Internet I found out how most sites assume you have a fast connection how misguided this is but I digress. Some 4 months later after multiple calls to India (very helpful but ultimately reading from scripts and totally disconnected from my problems) and 3 engineers who just metaphorically shrugged there shoulders and told me yes I can see your connection is slow, but the phone line outside your house is working fine.

I was at my wits end, then finally engineer number 4 came along, like a knight in shining Armour, he was interested in my problem, he obviously new his job but more importantly loved it. He listened to what I thought the fault was and he investigated it and replaced the ancient connection boxes in and on my house that connected me to this phone line that was working fine. This wonderful person discovered that the box I thought was at fault had some wired connection on it that went nowhere, It was left over from the homes past, this wire was just shorting the line and so making broadband connection problematic at the very least . I owe this man a great debt he not only fixed my broadband but restored my sanity as all the other call center people and engineers had made me feel that I had no broadband because I was doing something very stupid.

I had been given a refund for some of the months I had lost after demanding it but now the problem was resolved I waited for the apologies to flood in and the offers of refunds. Silence not even a good attempt at a fake apology, so that was it, I was paying for one of the most expensive broadbands in the Uk and was getting no love and no service, I was as they say in England feeling like a real mug.

I looked around and found that sky (the UK satellite company) was offering the same service as I was getting but for much less money, as I’d been a sky customer for a million years (well almost ) it was a no brainer to go for the switch. Their call center was in Scotland and I had always found them to be fully formed communicators with empathy, humour and even if it was just an act, they offered up a convincing voice that intimated I enjoy what I do and I really want to help you.

Any how to rap up, in the way that BT cut off my broadband and left me high and dry they did what so many British companies do and only saw the small picture. By acting like this they have ensured that I will never ever deal with them again. If they had just let the change over happen smoothly, who knows in a few years I may have given them another go. With this small mindedness they have past up (with good health) another 40 years of my custom and a potential loss of many thousands of pounds but the knock on for BT is unquantifiable for what story will my ego relay every time the subject of broadband comes up? You’ve guessed it .

Surely the millions spent on advertising could be cut and directed to giving a top rate service that will by word of mouth bring you new customers. While my new Sky package is working just fine and I am saving lots of money .I would have stayed with BT and paid more if they had made me perceived that my monthly payment to them mattered.

Finally those of you that do not know the UK phone system may think, yes Tony but what about the final engineer that really cared, Haven’t you just slapped him in the face by leaving BT broadband . Well no because he works for another company that owns the lines still ultimately owned by BT I would guess but a totally different division.

Sorry if the above seems off the point but by setting it free in writing I have stopped it bottling up and manifesting into some future illness. Sometimes even spiritual people have to vent, lol