Newspaper headlines … …engaging the madness continues…

As you will know, if you have read my past blogs, that I do not read the newspapers… But upon entering my local supermarket today I was greeted by the Sun newspaper headline as follows: ‘Russia’s chilling threat … We’ll nuke Poland’…….

It begs belief that either A) people in power still band about such animalistic statements born of fear separation and a mind ruled by ego or B) a multi million pound newspaper company finds it acceptable to place more stress on an already breaking down populous  who can only alleviate these constant threats by doing the exact things that the government and also the media urge them not to do. such as binge drinking taking alcohol and consuming vast amounts of anti depressants etc. How many people today via that headline will lash out upon family members and society in general just because they feel so powerless in a headline world which suggests to them anytime soon third world war will break out. Can really a headline such as this, and many others like it, in an over stressed society really be beneficial to anyone be they factual or not.

God save us from those that fan the flames of discontent.