Living without ego

I struggle with the concept of the ego being ‘bad’, from the point of view that I am unsure if any human being now can be truly ego free? While we may have an image in our head of what an egoless person may look like, look closer on that perception. For the saint can have as much ego as the sinner, the poor as much as the rich, the humble as much as the boastful. Many may find my ideas far from palatable and that is understandable. Many would reject the notion that vicars, care workers, ‘enlightened’ monks could even have egos on the same level as say someone who drives an expensive car and lives in a mansion.

It all depends on the level of focus these people have on their life (are they focused and captivated with form ‘the stuff of life’). A millionaire may have a lot of ‘stuff’ but if they are not focused on it then they could indeed be seen as having less of an ego than say someone who looks after people in a humble way but are always focusing in their head on a level of thought ‘look what I have done, look what sacrifices I have made’.

It has been often said that the poor think about money more than anyone else. I can identify with this remark for while I have never been poor, I have never been able to just get things when I wanted them and I would sit and stew on my lack of stuff for days and months at a time and we all know what that does. To live without ego is to place yourself in the river of life, to go with the flow no matter where that flow goes. For no matter where it goes, it will never be away from anything. From a universal point of view we are always home, always connected, we are always safe and abundant maybe not in material way but at a level of spirit, soul life essence (whatever you would like or not like to call it ).

To be egoless is very, very hard but ultimately very very simple.

How often do you say or hear people say ‘I wish I wasn’t so stressed’

What you / they should be saying is – ‘I wish I wasn’t so egoed’

The level of stress in your life can be measured by a direct link to ego and an attachment to the stuff of life.

Like most things I write or create they are as much pointers for me as anyone else. I sadly find myself at times clinging to some metaphorical branch fighting the flow of life. I sit in worry and fear, I judge and label, feel lost and broken. While these feelings and thoughts can take me over and I can find myself trapped in the drama. I now feel more and more able to wake up and see beyond the illusion, my ego driven perceptions and form filled nightmares. I have an ego but I’m not my ego and that is the first step in the return to stillness. I am also fully aware that the contemplation of ego in myself and others is in fact an ego trait, (how clever, perplexing and yet amusing this dilemma is)

On a level of thought you may remain trapped in the maze for lifetimes but in reality there never even was a maze.