A taste of Spirit

Wow what a show we had last Saturday at Connaught Hall, Station Road, Norfolk 9 9A Taste of Spirit). I have to thank the organizer for putting on such a friendly event. As always we met some wonderful people and I had some very moving conversations with those who were not afraid to talk honestly about themselves and their emotions. I think that while this was in no way a hardcore spiritual event people where very open-minded and where really ready to challenge their perceptions.

Over the past few years I have seen a defiant expansion in the numbers of people who wish to understand new ideas and look deeper into new possibilities. This fly’s in the face of a media which seems to want to dumb everything down or says everything in life is all figured out.

In a world where spirituality is still far from common place fairs like these give people a chance to talk to like minded souls about subjects that very often their own friends and family have no interest in. Finally it was great to see Katherine of The Healing Trinity and Michelle of the Compass Center and our good friend Tina.

This Sunday It’s the big Prime Impact Mind, Body and Soul Exhibition at Chilworth Manor, Linton, Cambridge. I hope to see you there between 10am-6pm Saturday 11th and Sunday12th October 2008. If you have never seen my work in the real world or been to a MBS show this would be a great show to attend with its great talks and music

I’m off to cut out backboards and bag up my new prints for the show ……