Prime Impact’s MBS fair

Well this was our third fair in so many weeks and what a great show we had.I have to say once again a big thanks to all those who came to the show and spent time at my stand your support for my work is wonderful and proved a big energy boost to both T and I. What greater honour can an artist have than to have so many people want to display their work in their home and sacred areas. I hope your joy for the images you resonated with will last for many years to come. So many a heart felt stories was told over the weekend and I was so happy to be the space in which you could tell them.

Once again we shared the hall with some wonderful people our very good friends ‘Away with the Fairies. The very special Lucinda (The voice of bliss) and Sam Drayton. Tim Wheater ( one of the most amazing male voices you will ever hear) and Dragonfly moon, who I just had to buy didgeridoo from (I will now spend the rest of my life learning to play it lol) It was also great to see Our other friends Naomi of Maddogg Designs and Malcolm bloom of vega food sensitivity Test who has helped me in the past, I believe many peoples health problems share a direct link to what and how they eat Malcolms knowledge in the field is A1.

My final thoughts on this event. In a world with so much media driven despair it was great to see so many happy and positive people, I would ask you all to take that energy out into your day lives and help spread love and joy onto those who do not yet understand how beautiful and sacred life is. Until we all meet again soon at the next event take care.