The Truth


I am very honoured to once again have my art work on the cover of the wonderful Suffolk publication ‘Inspirations’. This magazine offers information and a connection point for those into Health & Wholeness-Spiritual & Environmental Awareness. Of the October issue Amanda (the editor) has chosen to use one of my favourite images – ‘Truth’. I personally find this image very powerful and it enlightened me to the age old truth that everything we need lies within us and all the stuff of life we try to use to fill that emptiness is pointless.

The quote ‘Look within for that which you are without’ not only has a nice snappy ring to it but it is ultimately a life truth that you will embrace when you life path has reached that point. Sadly some never will in this life time, but that is also as it should be. Personal and spiritual change happens when it happens. It can’t be grafted or forced onto someone. Helpful pointers to the path have presented themselves in many ways over my life prior to my awakening at 40, but I had chosen to simply not see them or had rejected ideas that flowed opposite to my negative mind-set.

This finally brings me to the subject of spiritual courses, classes and talks. These all have their place but I believe they can have negative effect on those who are not true seekers but those who simply want others to make life’s esoteric decisions for them. What happens then is they buy into some belief system but never really ever feel it because it hasn’t come from an inner knowing. They can fill their life up with the information intellectually but unless they feel it on every level it is just a fruitless endeavour. I would say that each of us has to slowly awaken to a spiritual path not be dress marched to it and sent on our way with a piles of books and doctrines. My art and the information I post on it are pointers to possibilities you may choose to investigate. You will either resonate with the ideas or not. I have no wish to shake a populous to action or belief that has been done too often. This way has resulted in, despite good intentions, a scared world full of doubt and fear…Seek your own path, walk it at your own speed and enjoy the metaphorical views back to the truth.