Nov 11th…

Below is an email from my friend wave 11:11. I post it here for all those who maybe interested in taking part in this world wide event. Please pass it on to your friends…

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www. wave1 111. com
Tues. , Nov. 11th @ 11: 11 am ( your local time) for one hour
and then pass the wave to next time zone
We unite again in Song, Prayer & Mediation to heal the planet…
as we set the intentional focus on unconditional love
We are one humanity on earth
and all share in the bond of love
All life is symbiotic energy
We are all in this together. . .One Love
The keys to flowing in the Universe:
Attraction , Intention, Allowance & Balance


The flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a storm in Texas .
Isn’t that an amazing statement? Physicists call this theory
“The Butterfly Effect” to explain how the breeze produced by a
butterfly’s wings could set of a series of reverberations that over
time have a tremendous effect on weather patterns thousands of
miles away. Now imagine the impact of millions of butterflies…
with all of our focused intention on unconditional love. ..
~ United together in Song, Prayer & Meditation ~

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