How do News readers sleep at night?

I was wondering how newsreaders sleep at night. Everyday they spin a web of fear based news that cripples society’s growth and stunts hope and joy. Do they truly believe that there is only bad news in the world? That everyday the planet truly goes without any good deeds to report. No lives are saved, no jobs are created and no eco developments are rolled out and proved to work.

If we are to believe the media the Middle East has not a single positive story to tell, it is just a 24/7 battlefield devoid of love and compassion. We all know deep down that this can’t be true, yet we don’t object to the propaganda and stereotyping we are fed.

For every negative news report that traumatizes the nation there is an equally positive tale to tell, sadly they obviously have no interest in that as they say ‘if it bleeds, it leads’. How can people with such a polarized views of the world be considered award winning journalists? Conspiracy theory would have us believe its because they serve the hidden powers need to keep the public in disempowered fear, so they can enforce more and more laws that eat away at our freedom and privacy. This is an argument that is becoming harder and harder to mock.

I would suggest all major news readers review their place in life and ask the question, are they adding to the fabric of society or causing it to rip apart. If they truly believe all news is bad news then their judgements should be put into question. I find it amazing that society will not let kids watch violent films yet its perfectly ok for them to be fed this distorted view of our planet day in day out.

It could be said that our news is every bit as morally corrupt as the news in that brilliant film V for Vendetta. If you have never seen the film watch it, for if we continue along this negative pathway it could become our reality sooner than we think (some would say it already has).

Turn off the news and go and do something to lighten and enlighten your heart and soul.