Metatron & other archangels

‘Metatron’ is another Archangel but unlike Michael and others he is mentioned in very few of the world’s religious texts. Metatron it is said was once Enoch (a mortal man) prophet and scribe. Metatron has a great link with sacred geometries and if you wish more info I would Google both Metatron and Metatrons cube.

As of writing I know that once again this work is asking me/you to challenge our perceptions on something. Maybe for me it’s my view of who and what angels are, I confess my logical mind finds it very hard to align with the archetypal angel image. I say this not to offend but simply to remain honest with you. I have no doubt that my need to understand everything is a weakness that all man is accused with. Maybe this is the simple message of the work:-
‘Stop trying to figure it all out’.
We are spinning on a planet in the vastness of space in a constant state of confusion and anxiety. Maybe it’s just time we sat back and enjoyed the view without the need to judge or categorize. This need to comprehend could be the very thing that blocks our bliss and kills our spirit. Could by Knowing less, we live more? I believe so.



Uriel in literature is referred to as the “fire of God,” “flame of the sun,” “angel of the presence,” and the “archangel of salvation,”



Call upon Michael to assist you when you are in doubt and fear, let these emotions be replaced by confidence, strength and success.
Michael or to give him his full title Saint Michael the Archangel has be written of in many religious and spiritual texts he is considered to be one of heavens highest ranking angels second only to Gabriel. He is generally presented as the field commander of the Army of the Divine. For many in Islam Michael is the chief angel of blessings. In Spirituality Archangel Michael serves on the blue ray of spiritual light and is linked with the throat Chakra. Blue rays are said to  provides us with spiritual and physical protection and is pivotal to the proper expression of power and leadership.

My personal Views are of a ‘New age spirituality’
That said I seek not to convert others to my way of thinking. I respect all religious and non religious view points. Unless we can learn to tolerate others and restrain ourselves from forcing our views on the unwilling, we are doomed to repeat mankind’s darkest times again and again. Dr. Martin Luther King said – Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. As with all things worth doing it’s easier said than done.