Trance Around The World – the power of music

As a person I refuse to be placed into a pigeon hole, this is particularly true when it comes to music. I haven’t really spoken about how important music is to me, all types of music, from bubble gum pop to alternative Rock, from classical to new age. This is not just me trying to sound hip and connect to the widest audience. When I’m not writing (listening and writing with dyslexic is impossible for me), I love to have itunes on shuffle playing songs at random from my Classic digitized CD collection to my latest purchased mpegs. During a half hour we can go from Bliss, Lily Allen, linkin Park, Beyoncé, Britney, Neon Neon, Depeche Mode, Genesis, Enya, coldplay etc etc.

But when it comes to the creation of my work I often like to slip away into trance (Dance) Music. I find the way the music ebbs and flows to be a very spiritual experience for me. Some weeks ago I found a brilliant pod cast called:
Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond / Website :- Or if you have itunes just search Trance Around The World in the podcast section.
It is around 2 hours long and is a highly polished program where talk never invades your enjoyment of the music. These 3 DJs do what they say on the box they take Trance Music to clubs and festivals around the world,which is great but their carbon foot print must be huge.  Anyway if you love trance music as I do I suggest you give this show a listen you won’t be disappointed .

One of my web friends Laura Faeth has be taken on spiritual journey via music, much like the one I have been taken on via Art .
While her book ‘I Found All the Parts’ is more based in rock & roll music, I feel the ‘spiritual’ experience and euphoria found at a rock concert or in trance club is often over looked. Underneath all the excesses of  sex, drink and drugs something much deeper is happening which has been long lost in western ‘civilization?’, we begin to return to the power of the tribe  for a short time as we become a ocean of humanity joined in joy rather than our normal separate ego driven selves.

I think you should watch this video as I think Laura explains it very well.

So whatever kind of music you enjoy take a new look at it and see this could be the one place in your life where you are connecting to something far deeper than you know. I’m off to enjoy episode 255 of Trance Around The World, have a great day friends.