The Blissful voice of Lucinda Drayton

Not so much a song of the week this time more an artist for a life time. You may not know the name Lucinda Drayton, but if you want to add a little bit of heaven to your daily life you should really change that. Lucinda’s voice will instantly chill you out and clear away the clouds; some of you may know her better for her vocals in the band Bliss. I discovered the band via the track ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’ being played on a myspace page. Some months later I was lucky enough to meet Lucinda and her wonderful family and friends at a Mind body and spirit show in Colchester that I was exhibiting and sell my art at.

For two days we where treated to her vocal talents at the show and my wife and I were totally hooked. The first album I brought was ‘ Through These Eyes

For about a year and a half now the first track ‘silence’ has awoken us in the most perfect way via our cd alarm. Even my dog has become a fan as he knows that as soon as Lucinda starts singing at 5.05 am he will soon be off for a walk. Over time Max the dog has become more and more excited to hear Lucinda that now as soon as the track starts to play, he charges from the bedroom into the living room and sits in front of the cd player sometimes he even try’s to join in with the odd snoopie like sigh.

I’m sure there is not another album on earth I could listen to daily but it just never gets boring or repetitive I would say it is the world’s greatest wake up album. The next album I purchased was ‘You’ which does contains the for mentioned ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’ Then Lucinda released the album ‘Both sides’ which contains many beautiful cover versions my personal favourite on that album are ‘Wise up’ and ‘underneath the stars’.

Over the past year we have come to know Lucinda and her sister beyond just friendly smiles, as our paths cross at shows every now and then. Lucinda not only sings but she gives talks and spreads a positive message where ever she goes. She also now has released meditations cds which would be the prefect thing to listen to while contemplating my art.( lol)

Below are a couple of bliss tracks I found on you tube, while I’m not sure if  bliss has approved them being on there, they will at least give you a chance to hear what I have been talking about. You can buy bliss and Lucinda’s music by going to or you can buy it on itunes.

Just to let you know her favourite work of mine as of October was ‘Moment in Time’. I’m looking forward to catching up with her  soon.

Have a chilled weekend all