Taking the J out of Easter?

Ok, so I never thought I be writing about Christianity, but the UK is becoming a moral waste land and a desert of ignorance regarding any belief system.

Its not a case of any faith will do, but even humanists are side lined by a soul-less vacuum of commercial greed, and media led fear. In biblical speak we are living in the den of thieves.

Does Simon Cowell stand as this generation’s speaker of wisdom? Who is sowing wisdom in this modern generation? Lilly Allen, Jade, Katy Price, Lady Gaga. I’m sure they do what they can but where is the depth. Not in our schools, that for sure as they are so PC and concerned with passing test that their breath of knowledge is twig like.

So we leave it to the one eyed monster in the corner of the room (TV) to give us something to feed societies under nourished brain. While I respect that we live in a multi faith society, I know my very own belief system defies description.

But today is Easter Sunday, and what does that mean to the UK? If it just means scoffing down chocolate then why call it Easter? Let’s put our money where our mouths are and call it ‘Willy Wonker Day’ or ‘Choco Sunday’. As I look for some programs to point to the reason why this holiday is here at all, I see nothing but Songs of Praise. Not even just a documentary on the religious message of the day. Shame on them all, especially the BBC who at least have some responsibility to educate the huddling masses. That, my friend, is what I’m talking about education not mass conversion. Even a program by Richard Dawkins (Self-styled slayer of Gods) lambasting the meaning of Easter would at least point to the reason of the day.

I do not wish to live in the past, but we must me aware of what happened and why we are the people we are today. The church can not save the world. We have tried that, it just ended in blood shed, persecution, dogma and fundamentalism. Every day kids, both military and civilian, are clueless of religion and face being collateral damage by terrorists who are motivated by a history of holy wars.

Ignorance is not bliss. Put the Jesus back into Easter or remove it totally from the calendar. This half baked clueless chocolate covered excuse for a holiday is a sham and pointless.

Who would have thought the line from Jesus- “Forgive them, for they know not what they do…” would still be such perfect commentary on modern society.