The flow of life.

I have become a great believer of being in the flow of life. By that I mean taking as often as possible the path of least resistance. This is not viewed as being a very sexy way to live because society prefers to believe everything in life is a fight, a struggle. Well it can be if you wish it to be but I can assure you that no matter if you struggle or you don’t your physical body will end up in exactly the same place.

All the things in my life that I have enjoyed or have taken me to where I wanted to go have happened at points of least resistance, when I have as they say ‘let go and god’.  I, like many people, believed that I could wrestle life into the way I want it. I now can say hand on heart in 42 years this as never happened. Any time I have tried to force a situation it has back fired on me. In fact the more I do the less I achieve.

When you think about it, if you believe that you can control any part of this thing called life you really are being very delusional. Most people can’t even control their emotions for a whole day. Just think of all the things that are going on right now to keep you alive from your blood pumping to the spinning of the planet you have no control over any of it. No one has ever achieve anything without the intervention of unseen forces not to mention divine timing. Often situations we deem as unwanted end up taking us on a path that we would not or could not have discovered in any other way.

I have come to understand that all the things I want to happen are far more likely to when I just sit back and allow. It is the ultimate act of faith to just go with the flow and trust that some how, some way things will work out but I can tell you this in truth it is the only way to live.

Yes I still have ego driven rants but they pass and once they do I laugh for nothing good ever comes from them. If you have no clue what to do next if everything seems impossible then for you it probably is… now is the time to relax. Just wait and see what happens next. Sooner or later an idea or situation will arise that will make the impossible possible or at the very least liveable.

Life is a roller coaster hang on but no matter what happens enjoy the ride.