Venus Rising


Venus has been seen by many cultures as the Bringer of Dawn/Light not to mention purity and love, Indeed for the Romans, Venus was the goddess of love (Aphrodite in Greece). This image for me is a depiction of the slow rise of the feminine angelic energy which is now needed if we are ever to accessed beyond our current state of being on this planet. For many thousands of years we have been captivated by base activities, even now we cling to our fear based views and actions, unwilling to release our grip on the illusion of material forms.

From my non dualistic perspective love and hate are two sides of the same coin but if we wish to extend our play within human form, now is the time to return to love. Does man stands on the edge of it’s demise or ascension? In truth from a universal perspective it is always both, we can play the game that our current form is all important to the universe but if we are honest we know we are simply a flash of energy in the great cosmic dance of life.