From my first book ‘The Visionary art’ book 1 (No longer in print)

When we view the world from a general perspective it would seem the notion of Oneness, that is everyone and everything is interconnected, is far from being expressed. Many in the western World are born into a state of separation from each other, the Planet, the Universe and even their Gods.

It is without a doubt that the theory of “We Are One” may be hard to grasp especially when viewed at ground level. By simply expanding our view to a universal perspective, it becomes obvious that the concept of separation is truly flawed. No matter our supposed status on Earth, many times a day our very survival depends totally on others for water, food, shelter, power, protection and even health care. Sadly most choose to over look the fact that we are totally reliant on people we’ve never even met. By simply branding ourselves the human ‘race’, we subconsciously suggest that we are in competition with each other; this fundamental notion breeds discontent and damages nature’s perfect balance of co-dependency.

It is evident that despite our many miss guided notions, wars and differences we do generally work as a united unit. Every day in our flawed manner we work on mass in order to keep each other alive, deep down we know this to be true. Looking inward we can see the cells in our body function in the same way, but with a thousand times more efficiency. Each individual cell works together with every other without complaint, for the good of ‘The Whole’ once again such an inspirational example is completely over looked. Surely it must dent our well honed egos to know that a single cell is generally doing a far better job than us.

I’m sure we have all heard or quoted the phrase ‘No man is an Island’, even this it would seem is incorrect for no island is an island either, at its base it is quite clearly connected to every other land mass on the Planet. Even those that choose not to expand their brain beyond the superficial, are able to see how all of nature is interlinked, despite this we as humans still refuse to see ourselves as being any part of this. It is not going too far I believe to say we not only walk the Planet, we are part of the Planet and beyond that the universe. ‘We Are One’ is not some cool phrase, neither is it some hippy happy love notion, it is an obvious fact.

The one thing that gets in the way of us freely embracing our oneness is our ego. The ego works hard daily to maintain this status quo of separation, by bombarding us with the notions- we are special, better or deficient and unworthy. Exactly what the ego uses as its mantra depends on upbringing, events in childhood and insecurities. Why it does this is open for debate, the fact is the egos operating within us all, from a New York stock broker to a Buddhist monk. Many will proclaim they are egoless but by simply making such a statement they are proving of course they are not.

I believe that it is important to point out that “We Are One” does not require us to be all the same. We do not have to give up our individualities. It is our own unique skills which help to make ‘The Whole’ function. What ‘We Are One’ does require is that we start to focus on what we do and say, making sure it will be in the best interests of not only ourselves, but everyone else on the planet. We are all depending on everyone to do the right thing as much as humanly possible.

If this notion has been grasped and accepted we must not all sit and dwell on the past, on the lost opportunities, on the damage we’ve done to each other. We should derive comfort from the fact that we now understand the meaning “We Are One” and start helping everyone via our next thought and action.