Quest – Natural Health Show

This week 2nd-5th July I will be at the Quest – Natural Health show at Newton Abbot Racecourse, Devon. I have never been to Devon with my work before so I’m really looking forward to it. This is also the first time i have done a show that has music, Exhibitions, workshops and camping all at one event.
You can find me on Stand 43 in the Exhibitions hall and i will have all my usual prints on show plus my 4 new images:- Nondulism, Crucifying the Ego, Waiting for you to Arrive and Summer Solstice . I’d love it if you would drop by and say hi as i sadly don’t get to this part of England very often (well it’s a long walk from clacton lol) it would be great to meet you. I’m always very happy to talk about my work should you have any questions, I always find it is much easier for me to talk about what i do that write about it.

I will be sneaking away from my stand so i can attend the Tim Freke (the stand up Philosopher) Workshop I also thinking about doing one on poi(poi is originally from New Zealand and was a tribial Maori Art (see video below. I’m glad to see that some people i know from previous show will also be at quest Tim Wheater, Steve Judd and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free. Hope to see you there.

view the informative website for details for more details:-

Below is a You tube video which has a few images from previous quest shows

2 Short poi videos