Pendulum ‘Different’

As you know I’m a bit of an odd bod when it comes to music – classical stuff one second, trance the next, folk to pop. If it’s got passion I will no doubt like it. Ever since I saw Pendulum on TV (BBC)  playing at Glastonbury I’ve had to have my daily fix of the group on spotify

This clip is just a small part of probably the best set of the whole Glastonbury weekend, (unfortunately not their best part but it is the only one I could find!!!) In the set they also do a brilliant rework of Calvin Harris’s “I’m not alone”… It had me and the wife bouncing off the walls (not bad for old farts).  Makes my licence fee seem worth while after all.

Please don’t watch if you don’t like loud music with flashing lights… … … (If you are viewing in another country you might not see the video below, sorry YouTube, BBC and Music companies in general don’t seem to embrace the concept that we live in one world, as there are different licenses for different countries, In a world that has been made so small by the internet that seems absurd.)