Humans, Gaia and a movie called HOME

There is a lot of piss and wind about saving the planet. Well I think it’s about time we got our terminology right, what we are really talking about is saving the humans not the planet as that can take care of it’s self.

The planet to my mind is a living organism, it is ever evolving. We have grown out of it, so we can be seen as part of the planet or maybe simply a bacteria on it. Humans (that us folks) are now destroying the natural status quo on Earth with toxins etc, but this in it’s self could be seen as just another form of evolution. We could be the very thing that is needed to create a environment for the next step of life on earth who knows (no one does).

I have long believed that ‘Gaia’ (Earth as one living being) tolerates us and may views us as we do locusts, but I have no doubt that at any time if it so wishes we could be eradicated from it’s surface.

‘Save the planet’
Once again Humans talk as if it’s all about them as if we are the centre of the everything, this is a wonderful game the ego plays. Earth was born and grew without any input from humans and it will live on until something beyond feeble us destroys it. We look at everything in the universe from the perspective of humans. We look at all our local planets and pronounce them Dead, barren unable to support life. What we really mean is nothing in this galaxy looks like it could support humans or life as we know it, which is not saying much as we know very little about anything on a universal level.

There was a time in earths history that if we could have visited it we would have said much the same thing as we do for our neighbouring planets ..’too hot too cold too barren’ or ‘Just a pile of rocks’ and yet from those very rocks we grew no matter if it was because a ‘GOD’ wished it or simply because that’s how things happen.

So I say if you want to save something save the humans, for we are the ones that will bare the brunt of this damaged way of living, we will drown in the seas, burn in the acid rain, we will choke on the toxins that planes to ‘Better places’ jettison down on us daily. We are the Kings of fouling our own bed, our own environment. The bed pan in the past was tossed out the window without a care now the window has simply become a little further from view and the metaphoric bed pan is now full of a cocktail that in time will come back to bite us just as the Bubonic plague did.

I have posted a link a brilliant movie on Youtube called ‘Home’ it shows what we have done to the planet in a very short time. It is a visual spectacular and well worth an evenings view.

It ultimately does not matter if you agree with the films motives or statements because the rule of humans and the life of earth it’s self will come to an end as all things do. This is not something to be feared, as the universe and everything beyond what we think we know changes all the time. ‘Life’ spans be they short or long are all limited but here is the wonderful thing everything upon death or destruction falls back into the everything, so something new in time, sometimes billions of years down the line can be created from the mess. Death needs life and life needs death.

Maybe one day in some intergalactic book it will read:-

‘Humans were selfish, greedy and mentally short sighted creatures, they failed to realize that they were all linked and so for the sake of cheap material goods, holidays in the sun, Black gold , paper and the need to eat or kill everything that moved they died out . Approximate length of time of the human race existence, too short to mention’.

Final thoughts

Life is short and nothing is certain so enjoy it, that is the most important thing. We could ‘save the planet’ tomorrow and be hit by a meteor the next. Life in this form is rare, It’s a trillion to one chance, in truth we probable shouldn’t even be here so have fun while we can, but as the Dalai Lama says ‘if you can’t help others, at least don’t hurt them’

Try to do what you can to reduce pollution and waste remember what you think about you bring about. So how can always dwelling in the negative be good for the planet. Stop worrying about sea levels mass extinctions and a news that’s love doom and gloom. Your here and now that’s all that matters tomorrow that may not be the case for many of us… Have a nice day!