Tree of Life


This week I finished my new work ‘ Tree of Life’ like most of my work it is a visual metaphor. The tree has always played an important role throughout history in Theology mythology and philosophy.

It is seen to represent the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. As a nondualist I think that the interconnected state stretches out beyond our planet into the known and unknown. For me there is not a place that fails to be touched by its matrix of roots and branches. Trees are very important to me and I can spend many hours sitting in the garden contemplating the ones I share my living space with. The tree in the picture is a oak that hangs over into my garden.

I guess for those that live in England the Oak is the king of trees because of the length of time they live. When I meet one of these amazing beings, I never fail to wonder on what they may have witness over the years. How wonderful it would be to have a conversation with one of them. The Oak lives at a very slow speed compared to us an I wonder if indeed they are even aware of us as we flit around like fire flies .

My final and obvious thought is that trees are important to our eco system. The rainforest is still being cleared at a suicidal speed by people who’s minds hold little understanding of their actions. Sadly large Tree’s seem to be unpopular in modern gardens but I say if you have space plant one so that future generations can marvel at them and breathe just a little bit clearer .