Monuments to Life – Graham Hancock

I post this lecture (below) by Graham Hancock for the same reasons I post all the videos on this blog as it challenges deep seated perceptions. It has long been my belief that conventional early history and science does little to enhance our race and much to stunt it’s growth. It could be said we base our present view of us and our place on this planet on some very suspect foundations. We hold ourselves up as the most ‘civilised’ generation and yet we know very little about our pre-history and the people that lived at that time. Could it be that way back in time we where in fact far more enlightened than we believed possible. Ultimately all this really matters little to our day to day life, but it taps into our most fundamental form of entertainment ‘wonder’. Wonder has almost died out in modern man and I feel that this is one of the greatest reasons for our social decay over the past 50 years. The conversations of wonder, myth and legend amongst a group of like minded people is far more stimulating and life enhancing than much that can be found on our TV’s today. The work of people like Mr Hancock is to be applauded for keeping the wonder alive but we must not get so lost in the wonder of past and future that we loose sight to the wonder of Now. The balancing act between needing to know and needing to be, is a very difficult one for humans. Like all those that have awakened to the fact life is not as it may seem, millions of avenues lay ready to be explored but in the exploration we run the risk of missing the point again….. The joy of the fact that life ‘just is and ultimately nothing or should I say no–things matter. Don’t panic while that idea may sound very depressing, once contemplated on it is in fact very liberating, i will leave that for you to discover for your self  if you have not already done so 🙂

If you feel that you wish to explore more on Graham Hancock and his compelling ideas and investigations I recommend you checkout his website