Lost for words in 478 words.

I guess many people would say that a true blog requires lots of words. Well I have done them in the past and I no doubt will do them again, right now and in fact for the past few months I really have had very little to say about ‘Spiritual’ matters. I feel that I have said everything I need to, in blogs, talks and even at shows. While all the words are fun, all concepts beautiful puzzles to be unravelled they fail to get close to what I am trying to convey. I have long concluded that if a spiritual idea/belief requires a lot of thought, practice, level of achievement then it is not ‘it’.

Life is simple, so very simple it requires very little effort, many will disagree but they are confusing thought about life with just living. Thought about life is profoundly problematic, life in the mind is complex hard and even very frighting. Life just is. If you want food you seek food. If you want fun you play, if you make a mistake you simply make a mistake. When you are tired you sleep, if you can’t sleep your awake etc etc. Every action simply happens and without the ranting of the mind, the constant overview and judgements of the ‘ego’ nothing is a problem. I have offered up over the past years of this blog many ways of pointing to this simple state of being, I have pointed towards many ‘Teachers’ that may be able to convey better what I have tried to relay. But for now I am lost for words ….well not evidently that lost as I have already written 278 words but I mean I can not format any new ways to simply describe ‘Oneness’ ‘being’ ‘Life’ ‘Love’ etc.

So If I don’t write many blogs over the coming months this is why. I’m an artist and like all good artist sometimes it’s better to be silent and just let your work talk. While I may not be personally writing lengthy blogs, I will still be posting my artworks and photography here. I will also continue posting links to videos, podcasts and sites that I have found embrace the perfect simplicity of life. To date I have made a 174 blog post so if your new to my work you have a lot to look through.