I’m very pleased to introduce my latest photographic Print ‘Moksha’

As always I ask you to see this image in your own way and rename it as you wish. For me the meaning of this work is as follows:-

Moksha in Indian religions roughly means a release /liberation from the karmic cycle of death and rebirth on the earthly plane. This is depicted by the lifting up of the blue centre mandala from the earth roots and flowers surrounding it. For me Moksha is pointing to a peeling back of the illusion of separation. In Advaita Vedanta or non duality separation between the individual and reality/a God/etc is just an illusion. Personally I have no interest in past or future lives for me it is important to find some peace or liberation from illusion in this one. For me that starts with the understanding that we are not some separate lost soul falling from one life drama to the next, but that we are apart of everything we can and can not see. Once this idea is grasped life may not change a great deal day to day, but slowly the individual dramas of life will seem less important, stress will reduce and fear which is always in the background of all thinking will seem less intense, because death is no longer the end. As I have said before life can be more thought as a wave or a ripple on the ocean, it may rise up and grab your attention but it never becomes separate from the ocean which it will ultimately always return to. If you can not align to the idea of oneness them I suggest you see this image as simply a wake up call. Maybe it’s time for you to start looking within and questioning your perceptions (which only you can do) Maybe it’s time to self enquire ‘ Who am I’ . This image as always is available to purchase from my website, click the image above to be taken to the page.