Visionary Photo Art

What if your most deep seated perception was wrong?
That nothing was as it seemed?

Via these works I have come to see these simple realisations as true.
The insane world we live in is simply a construct of a mind born from separation and lack.
From a universal perspective ‘all is one’
The dualistic world of Good, Bad, Black, White,  Up and Down Are just points of view that have been embraced as facts.

Only you can challenge your perception and change your life.
These works may not have always brought me comfort, but they have freed me from a mental form of bondage.

Then again what do I know? See my work your own way.
To you this art may be simply decorative or maybe like others you will use it as a useful tool for contemplation and mediation.

Me? For me they are visual metaphors pointing to the perfection of life. A interconnected universe of potential limited only by mankind’s closed hearts and minds.
‘Life just is’ – it’s never personal.

So can you ‘look within and know now is the greatest moment of your life?’
Namaste Aric