Psychedelic experience, Salon podcast & Terence Mckenna videos

Ok let’s start by stating I have never taken any form of Hallucinogen. This is not me taking some moral high ground (no pun intended) or because I wish to stay within the laws of the land, it is simply a statement of fact.

With that out of the way lets crack on, most of the visionary artists on the planet it seems have flirted or entered into a marriage with LSD. On many occasions it seems that the ingestion of such drugs has brought about a spiritual awakening that has lasted long after the drugs have warn off. As I have never taken such substances I can not comment on what they open up in the mind. That said it seems the repercussions of ingesting these substances do seem to touch on what my work has always been pointing to, the challenging of perceptions. It seems that hallucinogens dissolve the mental illusions we have about life and turn off the filters and barriers we have created against oneness.

I guess for many Statements such as ‘Oneness’ ‘Universal love’ etc are indeed empty phrases without a true experience of them. Could it be that via drugs like LSD people get to visit such a place? Are the doors of perceptions truly cleansed? Does the Egoic chatter really stop? Well as you look into the people who lived the 60’s drug exploration you have to conclude that a doorway to at least a different perception has be unlocked. As to whether this is an illusion, a trick of the mind or a sacred pathway that many shaman speak of its up to you to decide.

I find it almost impossible to reach a conclusion on these mind altering drugs. I do point to a comment made by Rupert sheldrake in a talk which I embrace which went something like this, if drug use really does open up the mind and enlighten people then the UK should be one of the most enlightened countries on the planet. When Rupert made that statement many years ago he concluded it was not the case and as I look around this little britain I have to admit nothing has changed. I know this is a little unfair as not all drugs are the same but I think it important not to make hallucinogen into some spiritual must have.

Below I have posted some videos I found on the web. I would encourage you to watch the one’s by Terence McKenna as what he has to say is often very insightful and delivered in an amusing and thought provoking manner. If like me, you have always had a mental barrier to the ‘hey man’ ‘far out’ speak of the 60’s hippy I ask you to lift it and really listen to what is being said and not how it is said. I do not recommend drug taking any more than I recommended a trip to the moon but it is often beneficial to hear what those that have taken the risk have discovered.

As a foot note I have to recommend a brilliant podcast I have discovered call the ‘psychedelic salon‘ by Lorenzo. It is a well established show but one I have missed due I guess to a closed mind, while the podcast does talk about drug use etc that is not why I am pointing you to it, It has some brilliant archive talks by such people as Alan Watts, Rupert Sheldrake and the for mentioned Terence McKenna. These talks are often deep and maybe a little to much for some but I have found them riveting especially the Trialogues between Rupert, Terence and Ralph Abraham here is a direct link to such a Trialogue . Check out the PS Podcast at or on Itunes . Enjoy

Terence McKenna 01 Hallucinogens and Culture
Some cultural facts and Way Out ideas ?

Electric kool-aid: LSD and the 60s psychedelic revolution.
A interesting doc  sadly it is very poor quality

Terence McKenna – The Alchemical Dream Rebirth of the Great Work 2008.
This may blow your mind a bit contains some info of the fascinating John Dee. Make of it what you will.