Crop circles and looking under rocks

Every now and then I have to  remind myself not to overlook things that many people may have put to bed. By that I mean subjects such as crop circles, evolution, the big bang and generally any view/belief science or mankind in general thinks they have all figured out. Those that know my work are aware I maintain that all things are linked within a all encompassing divine matrix of energy (oneness). A concept such as ‘oneness’ for me does not close the door on any idea and I have learned that perceptions are seldom to be trusted.

While I say this I know that over the past 4 years of my spiritual voyage I have come face to face with many concepts that seem highly unlikely to me or just plain crazy. I know I have to keep thinking outside the box, I think it is vital that people remain open to all things and don’t believe they know anything, such a mind set could make us miss the deeper wonder of life. So this new image comes as a slap up the head, a reminder to stop thinking I know anything and to keep my heart and mind open.

Over the past few weeks I have found myself re-evaluating crop circles. I have to confess I had completely dismissed them as the works of strange men with planks of wood. When you really begin to look at the crop circles complexity it becomes almost obvious that to produce these unseen in one night would be a very big ask. In fact I doubt many people could reproduce them at all. While it’s obvious to me that many circles are just the work of people with to much time on there hands not all can be explain away. I will over the coming weeks and months look deeper into this subject and ask that you view the video below and see if it makes you think again on a subject that I thought was all done and dusted.

In late 2006 I awakened to the fact that all was not as it seemed that my perceptions were very destructive and that in many respects I was asleep to life. I overturned my views that life was a game to be won a mountain to climb and that ultimately I was free to just be. Being was the key just being, I know this to be true but life is long, while I now know nothing I do ultimately matters I’m fine with that, but a man needs a hobby. So now I have been invited to reawaken and look again. Now i’m no longer looking for some great meaning to life, I am simply lifting metaphorical rocks and looking underneath. I’m now simply observing the seen and unseen, the known the unknown, the discredited, long forgotten and maybe even the yet to be dreamed. So keep challenging your perceptions and enjoy the ride.

While the video below is just a clip you can see the full video at