Think Unconditional Love 2010 November 11th

So we have come around to that time of year again November 11th @ 11:11 am. At this time people across the globe will be united again in unconditional love. As we pray &/or meditate to heal the planet. You may wish to watch my simple video below and turn your focus beyond the small egoic mind and towards our beautiful home. I know many people are still living in the paradigm that see’s the planet simply as a dead lump of rock. This is truly a disempowering view and it is the reason we (the human race) have done so much harm and acted so cruelly to the very thing that gives us life.

In the UK November the 11th is Armistice Day when Millions of people will observe a two-minute silence at 1100GMT. Those that were cut down in there prime fighting in wars they often didn’t even understand, do indeed deserve our thoughts. It is highly probable that the ability to wage war will be mankind’s ‘greatest’ legacy. Mankind is at war every day with almost everything. This war effects all species and eco systems across the planet, from a universal perspective mankind must appear the most barbaric of creatures not to mention insanely suicidal. We have managed to unbalance a whole planet in no time at all, and while our power is insignificant individually against that of gaia (earth) we continue to expand as unthinking as a cancer that can not see its gluttony will ultimately destroy its host and it’s self.

It is easy to get captivated with the evil that men do and to feel helpless as the level of despair rises up all around us. Know this, all is not lost, While mankind may metaphorically hold a shaking gun to it’s head it still hasn’t become insane enough to pulled the trigger. You and I can persuade it to put the weapon down and get help. Today think on Unconditional love, while I understand whatever happens tomorrow is out of our control, a constant dwelling in the negative can do no more than bring us more of the same.

As I have said before ‘Harmony is easy once the need to be right has dissolved.’

Is the need to be right really worth destroying Mankind for ?