Life is a game of inches….

When it all comes down to it a life time is a success or failure often because of a split second decision. Many of us spend years maybe life times in regret of something we didn’t do or say. A moments lack of focus can cost you a dream, we all know this, that’s why many of us love sports. Sport is the ultimate metaphor, if you believe life is about winning or losing. Those that read my blogs will know I believe life ultimately is without a definitive purpose and so life may as well be about winning as anything else because the universe will observe both unaffected .
No matter if you believe life is a test (which I don’t ) or just a divine fair ground ride (which I do) only the most emotionally stunted would fail to be lifted by the shear will and determination of many of our athletes that often over come many of life’s great problems to win in there chosen sport.
The reason I am writing this is because last night (In England) I watched the Seahawks vs The Saints in the playoffs and the underdogs the Seahawks (who I have supported for many years) won simply because of one play by one man Marshawn Lynch.
The NFL has always been a place of inspirational moments I never forget John Elways (a quarterback at the tail end of his NFL life) amazing run and leap that would ultimately give the broncos but more importantly him the superbowl win .

While I guess many would say that this is all a load of emotional mush and life isn’t a football game …I would disagree life is a football game, life is….. fill in the blank, life is what you make it.
Sometimes it takes a emotionally charged sports game or clip from a movie to make you realize the wonder of life, and that all is possible no matter how many times you have been told No, no matter how many times you’ve been down, no matter how many times you have ‘lost’. Yes life spins on seconds and inches but here is the thing, if you believe and you have to believe , then the game of life is never ever over till the whistle blows.
Below is one of the greatest speeches from any movie, it has been shown time and time again by those who believe they can motivate Teams. Save your self and you friends some money on that overprice seminar, just watch the below. If you can’t get motivated about what you want to achieve by watching this then I would suggest it’s not really your passion. If life is a team game then it’s starts by all the individuals saying it is, then and only then may we say that:- ‘we either heal this planet as a team or we all die as individuals….. that’s life people…… that’s all it is ‘.
Video below contains swearing, but then again so does life :-)