No I’m not Dead

I just wanted to let you all know that i’m not dead, I’m just taking a break from art and the Mind body and spirit scene.

I haven’t created a single image in months, before now i would have always looked at such a creative dip as a bad thing, but now it seems like a blessing. I’m doing lots of other real world things like DIY and gardening which may sound rather boring but i find very therapeutic.

Creative burn out.

Most artist be they photographers, film makers, musicians or painters are often more interested in the creative process than the finished product. As soon as one work is finished we dive into a new project, never to give our past creations much thought. Such a manic need for new muses is often the undoing of many creative types for who ‘Rest’ is the most fowl of four letter words. I myself have awoken many times at 2 am and worked around the clock to get a new idea out. Such an orgy of creation can be euphoric at the time but it often leaves one mentally and physically depleted. Last year i did not enjoy doing shows or producing Art as much as i had in the past, for me that is the cue to take a break  and just do something else, so that is what i’m doing.

I dare say the creative juices will begin to flow again, but for now i’m just having fun away from the computer. Please note I’m not quitting anything and I have some new topics for blogs planned very soon. Take care and I will write again soon.