The Corporation

I watched this film ‘The Corporation’  today on love film and thought i would post about it . As we know films like this very rarely get airplay on TV, they also aren’t usually readily available off the shelf in DVD stores. Just because most of us have to use these Corporations day to day, we can do it on our own terms and force them via what we buy to become more ethical. Ultimately most companies don’t care what they sell as long as they make a profit, so it’s what we do that sends the message. If you think that factory farming is the way to go, keep buying the cheap junk off the shelves of supermarkets and going to fast food places like KFC and alike. Otherwise pay a little more, let ‘them’ know that products that use animals and people as throwaway  commodities have no place in the moral make-up of the UK. It’s up to us, no one else, think before you buy. As they say ‘Every little helps’