The World will End in ……..

So tomorrow (21st May 2011) the world will end according to Harold Camping of . The reality is that the world as we know it will end some day, maybe tomorrow maybe in 5 million years time, what shocks me is that so many people are so obsessed with the end of the world. One of the things that really pisses me off about humans is their constant wish to dwell in the negative and feed on doom and gloom.

Yes the bible, like the mayan calendar and thousands of other belief systems, talk of ‘a end of days’. This is old News. Universal life is ever changing, planets are born and die just like people, this has been happening since the beginning of time. While I have no wish to die, I can’t say that if it was to happen five minutes from now I would be surprised. What I find surprising is that we are here at all.

If as many people just sat in the wonder of the moment, instead of fearing what will happen next, we would all have a much better current life experience.

I know that it is only when death stares us in the face or at least taps us on our shoulder that most of us even wake up to the fact we are alive in this place and time at all. Maybe that is the real reason so many Spiritual texts talk of Apocalypse, so that we will take value of the life we have. The problem is that most people have no belief in their own death, If we did the human race would operate in a much different way.

So what is going on????  Us Humans are obsess about cancer, heart attacks, astroids, earthquakes and alike and yet we really don’t think they will happen to us, even if they do most of us are convinced we will survive. Spock from Star Trek would say such behaviour is ‘fascinating’ and I’m inclined to agree. Could it be that deep down in the very fibre of what we are we know that that nothing ever dies. Ok that sounds a little ‘Way out’ but even the most scientific type would have to agree that nothing comes from nothing and so everything that is and has ever been has come from something, as they say we are born from star dust. If we have grow out of the cosmic dust then it goes to say that when we are dust in time something will grow out of, or because of us .

Life is far more than a few wobbly mammals. Life is everywhere in all things, in ways we can’t see or understand …. In the time frame that the ‘Divine Matrix’ (Everything we know and don’t) is operating in, life is everywhere and what we call death is just a metamorphosis into something different, something new, the evidence of which many take shape in days or billions of years.

So maybe on some deep level what ever drives us and the universe finds all this talk of ‘the end’ highly amusing. Maybe that is why when someone says The World will End In …… we all laugh and mock because we know universally nothing ever the ends…and that any perceived end is just a New Beginning….. Have a great day