A day for remembrance. A day for Love?

So its 11th November again in the UK that means Armistice Day when Millions of people will observe a two-minute silence at 1100GMT, for Men and women who were cut down in there prime fighting in wars and battles they often didn’t even understand. As we know wars rage on daily across our planet, it is hard not to believe that they won’t continue to do so until the last person on the planet draws their last breath on some god forsaken scorched earth.

Most humans I meet hate the idea of war and most will do what they can to avoid violence but FEAR is a great motivator. FEAR will make people do the most insane things and the people in power know this . Give that ‘motivational?’ story that those people (who ever they will be ) will come and destroy our (who ever we are) land. What red blooded male would not run to defend their mother, wife or child. It is in our genetic make up to defend the things that will ensure the continuation of the species. Sadly such a deep routed code can be manipulated until we get the results that all can see. Smashed bodies of muddy battle fields , women and children fenced in concentration camps and now young men left to die often alone under the scorched sun of the middle east.

Ask anyone and they will all say they never wanted this, but someone somewhere did because how did/does it happen and keep happening. Again I say FEAR.

As corny as it may sound there is only one thing that can offset FEAR and that is LOVE. That famous statement ‘LOVE will conquer all” makes the heart flutter, the mind thinks it knows better the, mind remembers times in our lives when we opened up our hearts and gave love and it was rejected or betrayed. The feeling of heart break can scar deeper than any physical pain it can destroy the heartbroken’s life. Heartbreak will ultimately be used as a reason to stay in darkness or to never truly open up to LOVE again. Indeed many people FEAR LOVE more than anything else because of the pain it can so often bring with it.

So what does that have to do with today remembrance day? Everything. Today as we remember our dead our loved ones, we have a chance to open up to LOVE or close down to FEAR both are natural reactions neither are wrong or right but you can be sure one is more likely to perpetrate more wars and suffering than the other.

I believe in a linked Universe where all is ONE where good and bad are meaningless and where things just happen as the ONE grows and expands, Universally nothing is personal Universally nothing matters. As I write today it is almost impossible for me to truly understand what I believe as the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters stand a weep in the cold November Air. LOVE is all we need but seldom due to events beyond our control it is seldom what we get.