Stunning Retina until it cracks.

The Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina is the most beautiful computer i have ever owned, but after only a month the screen cracked and i was left wondering just how robust the perfect screen was for the real world. Let me point out the Retina has become my main computer after retiring my old iMac, I use it with my HP monitor and at night I take it into the living room so i can watch movies on my plasma. That is as far as my MBP goes, no trips in cars or trains, no living in busy offices or field trips. The macbook lives a very quiet and uneventful life.

So how did this screen crack you may ask, did i drop it? Nope, did i pick it up by the screen? Nope. After a nice night of watching BBC  iplayer  I made the fateful mistake of unplugging the power lead before closing the MBP lid. As I slowly closed the lid the lead must have sprung back and got trapped between the screen and the keyboard top. That as they say was that. The computer I had saved months for and that was meant to last me at least the next 3 years was screwed.

Yes it was a careless moment, a split second lapse in concentration, but in my  view the lack of any screen frame has made this laptop a very weak object indeed. I mean I did not slam it shut and there is no impact damage on the keyboard surface so there was no pressure applied to the lid other than is own weight.  I now have the whole process of eating humble pie at the apple store and seeing if they will feel pity on me, or claiming on my  accidental damage contents insurance which luckily we have .

If I fail to get any help I will be screwed as I have no money to buy another and we all know that these retinas can’t be fixed. Yes the MBP will work fine with my monitor and TV, yes it is still the most powerful device i have ever owned, a wonderfully designed product that I personally can’t fault, well apart from what i have already touched on .

So if you are fortunate to own one of these devices then my only tip is handle it with kid gloves and always, always close the lid first then take out the power leads or any other leads you may have. I don’t want anyone else to experience the sinking feeling of opening up the screen as pictured below.

I will keep you informed on what happens

Ouch ! – Dead pixels and hairline crack makes this MBP very sad

Follow up
Well my wife took the MBP Retina to the lakeside Apple store yesterday and i’m happy to say she got brilliant customer service . They said that the laptop was in mint condition and had not been abused in any way (which it hadn’t), also as we had been honest on how it may have happened, they said they would replace the retina screen out for a new part. The new screen will take about 5 days to get and it will be replaced under warranty.In fact they had it replaced by this morning so I went and picked it up. On closer inspection it turns out the screen may have had a very small fault in it in the bottom left corner just inside the frame ( oh well these thing do happen). Anyway once again Apple has come up trumps and guaranteed our continued support and loyalty…

My tip still stands always close the lid before taking out the leads.