Dare to Stand Out

I have been creating Art all my life but in late 2012 I decided to change everything. It came apparent to me that the world had become a very complex and noisy place. Day in day out we are bombarded with imagery that most of the time our brain just ignores.

I decided that my work had become as confusing as the world i was living in. So I decided to strip out everything in my work that added to the universal hum. I became a digital Minimalist artist, for the first time in years i really began to enjoy the creative process. First to go was colour, as a lover of nature my work had always been very colourful but in truth we all see colour and perceive it in different ways and in different tones. Next went detail, the brain is an amazing tool, it requires far less information than we think to understand a situation. One of the challenges is to see just how much detail and form one can leave out and still convey a message or emotion. 
Sometimes i feel that text is necessary to underline the point of the work, but i do try to keep it to a minimum.
Dare to Stand Out, The work is aimed at those society may label as freaks, while some may see it as disrespectful tag for me being called a Freak has become a badge of honour. It means I’m not part of the homogenised culture which embraces normality (whatever that is ) and sameness. I do not see the world as the media or the powers that be would want me to. I reject political correctness and all forms of media driven mind control. I believe in freedom of speech even the stuff that angers and offends me. I believe that everyone should make up their own mind and do their own thing. I fully understand that a level of conformity is required to make ‘civilisation’ work but i don’t think that requires us to all look and act the same. In short I hope my work inspires people to think outside the box or to simply at times laugh at it . 
Keep Freaking Out – Aric Voss