Behold Eluveitie

Note this is aimed at those who are new to this band like me.

So I thought I would embed a few +Eluveitie Tracks today. I discovered this band some months ago while browsing on spotify, this week I finally brought three of there albums on +iTunes.  I always make an oath to buy artists stuff once i know i like it, as fresh air pie is not very filling.

As you know my slogan for this blog is ‘rejecting the herd’, for me music herds are the worst, these are people that never listen to anything that doesn’t fit with what they or their friends think is cool. I have never given a toss what people think about my musical tastes. There are those that will see Eluveitie as a musical abomination neither ‘real’ folk or true death metal, some will even reject them because they have no real pigeon hole. That my friends is one of the reasons why I like many of the bands on here, this blog salutes them for all their years of service challenging perceptions and pissing people in the herd off. There is little point me saying anymore so make up your own mind. If you enjoy these videos please support the band by buying their work.