Lacuna Coil – We Like them, Like them

To quote my wife ‘Lacuna Coil are Brilliant’ That being the case I thought i would post some videos for those of you that know nothing about this band from Milan. As bands go Lacuna Coil have been around for a long time but don’t panic I only discovered them myself a few months ago. While a very different band from Epica (see my blog) Lacuna Coil seems to loosely fit into the ‘gothic metal’ category which i find very misleading. If I had a perception of what  gothic Metal would sound like  it would not be Lacuna Coil. I think both those words Gothic and Metal scare many people off and probably alienate the band from a much wider audience. Musical pigeon holes are both a blessing and a curse . If I had to describe the band to someone like myself who had never heard of them I may use the title ‘Alternative Rock’  and then say kinda like the Foo Fighters or Linkin Park or a really heavy No doubt. Fans may hate that description and i’m sorry, but that would set up for me something along the lines of what i would expect to hear.

Cristina Scabbia (coils female singer)  is a strong beautiful woman with a great voice . In my teenage years i’m sure my bedroom would have been full of posters of her. I know this should be about the music but lets face it bands become popular for more reasons than just music, looks and yes sex appeal all play a part, otherwise why would they have invented the music video. Andrea Ferro (one of the founding members) the male singer in the band keeps the songs interesting by adding another vocal texture to the mix.  I like the coil for the same reason i like all the bands i will list on this section of the blog, they keep mixing up the musical styles and never fall into the trap of producing the done to death wall of noise that most people think of when they use the word Metal. But hell what do i know watch the videos and if you like them, buy the albums so Lacuna Coil can keep on producing the  Dark Adrenaline i like so much.