Shut Up, Slave

I started to listen to a podcast called  +No Agenda  about 3 months ago by +John C. Dvorak  and +Adam Curry . I find it amusing and informative. I shall not go into great detail about the program as you can check it out and listen to it yourself here:-

One of the things that captured my imagination it there ‘shut up, slave!’ catch phrase. I new it had to become a picture and I knew exactly what it would look like in my usual minimalist style.


I’m one of those that believe that all the few freedoms we hold are slowly, but surely being swept away. Look at the globe and you will see that some of the most populated countries on earth do not hold citizens freedoms as important. People are often simply just a commodity to be used and abused. As countries like China buy up whole slices of our industries how long will it be until America and Europe see the annoying concept of freedom is holding them back. The people in power do exactly as they want, but they can do it even better if they don’t have to listen to our protests and complaints .

 You may see the idea of you becoming a slave as impossible, but are not most of us in some form of corporate slavery all ready. While we may not see ourselves in literal prison camps, like Slaves we look to a ever shrinking number of masters for our employment food and even shelter.
Surly we must all Wake up and speak out now, before we can’t, before we are simply told to  ‘shut up, Slave!.