Video on Permaculture and Questions for you

Found this video yesterday on YouTube -‘How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Earth, but Not Civilisation by Toby Hemenway. I found it very interesting so i thought some of you may also enjoy it. As always I ask you to  watch, listen and question. While you may not agree with everything that is said it may open up some new ideas and ways of seeing the world around you. Personally I believe Humans Universally are an irrelevance but it is naive to believe we are not impacting on the planets status quo.

I don’t pretend to have the answers to the problem that an ever expanding human population has on the planet and each other. I do have however some key questions I think we should all ask ourselves, the answers we arrive at will point to what and who we really care about. If you discover that you are just a selfish money grabbing so and so then face up to it. You may decide to change and focus more on Eco matters, or at the very minimum you may own up to your self centred nature and no longer hide behind the mask of a hypocrite. 
Questions worth asking yourself
Are you happy to give up on things that you love that have a negative impact on the human eco system, in order to help future generations?
If you said No to the above that is fine, but If you have or want children how can you justify the No and still claim you love them?
So do you or don’t you have a birthright to destroy everything for your own personal gain, no matter who or what it impacts?
If you do and you believe only the strongest should survive what type of world will the ‘strongest’ inhabit?
Is natural beauty worth defending or simply a sentimental notion in a world that is going to hell in a hand basket?
You can not destroy the Earth but you can destroy the eco system that you need to survive. Are you just hoping that your die of natural causes before the shit really hits the fan ?
When it comes to life what is most important to you quality or quantity?
Should some form of birth control be imposed on everyone to reduce our birth rate or should we be simply let to breed ourselves into extinction without daring to comment ?
It matters not to me how you answer the questions simply that you dig deep for the answers and are truthful. Face up to what you discover about yourself and act on it as you see fit.