True Freaks don’t care about Cool.

My Dark twisted secret is when I’m not listening to Gothic & Symphonic metal I listen to Britney Spears and that’s just the start. Nothing I take helps my weird addictions that will stop me ever having ‘Street Cred’ . I’m Just a Freak and I like it that way. In fact my taste in music is so eclectic that most people think i’m joking when I tell them what I like. I have never been able to be one of those people that only ever likes one style of music or one style of anything. For me life is to short to shut out possibilities. If you worry about what your friends will think or  if something is cool or not, your Not a real Freak and your living a lie. Below are some of my Favourite Non Metal videos, at 46 like a give a Crap what people think.