Alan Watts

Over the past years I have listened to many great speakers but none have resonated with me as much as +Alan Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) a brilliant philosopher, writer, and speaker from England who is best known, if he is known at all as an interpreter of Eastern philosophy.

Over the years of meeting many thousands of spiritual seekers it has amazed me how few people have ever heard of this great man. I can only conclude that this is because to use his own words ‘He had nothing to sell’. You see while Alan did have his own belief system his talks never really pushed them on people. Yet I guess you could say he pointed the crowds he spoke to in a certain direction but he was never dogmatic about what he presented and it seemed always happy and willing to laugh at all concepts with his most infectious laugh.

Very few speakers on the world stage of spirituality present information for the public to make of it what they will. Even the people that I greatly admire like Eckhart Tolle push a certain way of thinking as the one and only truth. I guess it is fair to say Alan was always pointing to the East as having more of the answers to the big questions than the west. I suppose it could be said he opened people up to a different way of thinking rather than proclaiming he had found the answers to all man’s ills.

Alan was pointing out mans jack boot on the throat of the natural world long before ‘eco’ became sexy. He was also one of the few that pointed to the foolish nature of science, religion and much which is considered to be ‘normal’.

Alan presented his talks in the way a school teacher who is well like by his pupils would, full of  unconventionality and humour. While like most people his personal life could be picked over by the moral brigade as being far from A1, that should not lessen his impact or your enjoyment of what he has to say.

The simple wonder of listening to a man who loved to talk about what interested him passionately is what matters to me. Below are a few animated videos, but If you want to really get stuck into Alan I suggest you subscribe to the Alan Watts podcast which presents many great recordings made by his son Mark Watts this can be found on itunes or on – Enjoy

And very often it seems to me that reality appears rather much as the world is seen on a bleak Monday morning. – Alan Watts