It’s never to late to become an Xbox addict

It’s never to late to try something new that is the one thing i have learnt in life. So at the grand old age of 47 I brought my first xbox just to see what all the fuss was about. Sure everyone else is talking about the Xbox One or playstation 4, but i didn’t want to spend that kind of money, so i picked up a previously owned 360 game console for a great price and from that point I was hooked.

Why hadn’t I brought one of these before? I mean all th

ese years of blogging and social networking and art work and i could have just been playing on an xbox knee deep in pizza boxes and beer cans having the time of my life. Ok I jest a little.

As we all know life for me ‘just is’ and so despite what others may say life has no great universal point, other than what you or I give it. So for me playing a game for 10 hours is no more a ‘waste’ of time than anything else us human decide to fill our lives up with. Sure people will claim doing this or that with your free time is more important, healthy or morally up lifting, but that my friends is just a personal perception and not the truth. You can and should do what you want with your time on this planet and if slaying goblins makes you happy or blasting mutants is to you a worthwhile use of time I say go for it and don’t have a moments guilt about enjoying yourself. Just remember to go to work or school, feed and walk the dog and give your eye balls a rest every few hours because as they have said for years playing with it to much will make you go blind.

I not going to sit a try and justify why I think the Xbox 360 is a cool bit of kit, as I know many prefer playstations or pc gaming or have moved on to the new shiny Xbox One.

Almost perfect.

If the Xbox had a Spotify, Audible and iTunes app (which it obviously never will) it would be the greatest device on the planet (for me anyway) . In truth the One Device to rule them all is still a long way a way as companies are still blind to the fact that people deal with more than one company and actually like it that way. Me I use Windows, Apple, Amazon and google products because they all have areas in which they excel.

So the point of this blog is if you are bored out of your mind and your lucky enough to have some spare cash maybe just maybe that strange alien world of gaming is the very thing you never new you were missing. As some ‘wise’ women once said ‘Spice up Life’ :)

mutant scum