Problem Reaction Solution

You don’t have to be a full blown conspiracy geek to see that Problem, Reaction, Solution is at work everywhere. What is it? Well in short ‘the powers that be’ want to enforce something that in normal everyday life would not be acceptable to the common man. It is usually but not always something like a law that would chip away at our everyday freedoms. In order to get people to go with what ‘they’ wish to achieve a situation must be created that will out rage the public enough that they will demand for something to be done. Then the powers offer up the solutions and people agree as they simply don’t want to have to deal with the ‘problem’ again. So via manipulation governments or indeed the power behind them get what they want, we loose a few more civil Liberties in return for the perception of safety. It is a fact once any law is enforced it is seldom repealed.

The Ravings of a Mad Man.

Anyone at any time that questions implementation of these laws that are for out apparent safety are usually, labelled as trouble makers Mad or worse. So any meaningful public debate is often sidelined. Those that think differently to the prevailing wisdom of the time have always been persecuted throughout history in a myriad of ways. David Icke has always been seen as one of societies loonies, many people that would described themselves as open minded or even fringe thinkers often scoff at what he says. That said not giving a committed ear to the likes of Mr Icke could be seen as ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water.’ Within the massive web of conspiracy, deception and alien manipulation their are nuggets of wisdom and truth that few other people in public life have the guts to discuss. I’m sure many of us fall outside the barrier of what is deems good, proper and sane but I sure we all still believe our points and views are valid. Discrediting people is just another tool used by the powers that be within the framework of ‘problem reaction solution’. If we do not at least listen to apposing views on all subjects then we will and often do miss the fact that the presented ‘truth’ is simply a manipulation to justify someones crusade or personal betterment.

Trust no one

Agent Mulder may have been the one most linked to that phrase ‘Trust No One’ but he was was not the first to utter it, he definitely won’t be the last. Over the past years, the general publics framework of naive trust has begun to disintegrate before our very eyes. No longer do we hold Prime ministers, MPs Government officials or even our media celebrities in such high esteem. For all have been shown to be wanting, when it comes to honesty, all have been shown to be fallible and human just like us. ‘Trust no one’ like ‘question everything’ does not mean we can not move forward in life because everyone and everything is out to get us, it simply means nothing and no one is ever what they seem and that we must never become blind to this. There are no perfect people, There is no absolute truth other than there is no absolute truth.

So what to do about Problem Reaction Solution?

If you can see that many of the problems that face mankind are of our own doing and the mass media are demanding to do something about it you should very seriously look at the answers being offered. If these ‘solution’ include new restrictions and laws, we owe it to ourselves and the people of the future the make sure these ‘solution’ don’t in fact make life worse for the majority of us. That is the Key the need of the many must always out way the need of the few. Our freedom be it on the internet or in the real world is under attack everyday and those that attack it will use the most persuasive of arguments. The upshot is this, if we are not free then yes the number of crimes and deaths will go down but is that really a price worth paying for? I for one think not.

We must all simply be aware that no matter what we do or no matter how we do it someone somewhere wants us to stop. Apathy and being whipped up into a media driven lynching must be avoided. We must keep our eyes open for ‘Problem Reaction Solution’ for it may indeed be the very darkest of all societies problems.