Does reincarnation exist?

I would like to start off with my favourite quote:

“Man is the only animal whose own existence is a problem that he has to solve.”

I truly believe that in this quote lies mankind’s greatest dilemma. That said I do enjoy pondering the impossible to answer.  I believe our growth as a race lies in the understanding that no matter our insight, religious or scientific stand points what we hold to be truth is ultimately just theory. Our personal perceptions are ultimately always made from a very ‘very’ limited view of the universe and the big picture. To say that man knows nothing is a greater truth than to say he knows anything at all.

So with that as my disclaimer as it were, l stumble forth into the maze of reincarnation.

For me on one level everything in the universe is reincarnating all the time as our bodies and in fact everything breaks down and returns to the earth or cosmos .  We are born again and again in many different ways as food for micro organisms and so into that world wide and never ending food chain. Parts of us return to water and air and as such we may roam free for millennia before once again making up the bodies of beings, planets or stars. While it may not make for great dinner table talk our bodies go forth forever and most of the time its just as food or energy. As they say we are born of the stars or to put it in a less dreamy manner we are made from the stuff of stars. So everything in my view has been and will be forever and ever..

What could be greater than is? A universe (or multiverse) that remoulds and rebirths it’s self forever. What more could we ask for? Is it not comfort enough to know we will become more than we can ever know? From the beating heart of a robin to the dust on the horizon of a planet we don’t even know exists.

The fact is for the ego the above is not enough, as it does not offer a future for it’s self. It offers no continuation for the kingdom in which the ego lives, it suggests the ego is ultimately doomed. So like the idea of Oneness (we are all ultimately linked within the matrix of life) the ego rejects the concept. The above kind of reincarnation is pointless the ego demands more, for the ‘I’ it demands nothing less than to be at the centre of the universe forever.

So as I am truthful enough to say I haven’t a clue about anything, let’s say that our spirit or our life experiences goes on when we die. That sounds possible I guess and it embraces the egos need to go on.

Could all that we have been in life be uploaded in pure energy form to the great matrix? (source, god call it what you will ) Then this info, our lifetime is processed and maybe even downloaded back into a new body. This for me is as equally as wonderful as the first idea and could in fact run along side the above. The universe can now be seen as the ultimate recycler, bodies in the green bin, thoughts and life-force energy in the white bin, thank you.

While my life experiences may be reborn deep inside the knowing of another body that other body will not be me. Then the ‘I am’ that is ‘ Aric Voss’ is a one time deal, a limited edition of one, as are you. Never in the history of the whole of everything will there ever be another you or me. How cool is that, they will never see the likes of us again, ok it is a little sad if your really loving this life time. Also I’m not totally sure it meets the egos needs, as its great domain is just reduced to the deep dark memory banks of someone or somethings else’s mind.

Now things start to get a little mind bending if they haven’t already.
It could be said and in fact I’m going to say it as have others …we are reincarnating all the time in this very life time:-

I know I was a baby, an infant, a teen but I know also I’m not that person any more. Once I had my heart broken so bad I thought I would never get over it, now like so much of my past when I think of it, it’s just like watching a rerun of some old movie with actors whose faces you know, but are ultimately nameless.

I have reincarnated in this the body (like Dr who) time and time again over my 47 years, not one of my cells remains from my birth  As you will all know we are told we have a whole new body every seven or so years…..So who was born by another name is now rebrand as Aric Voss, but every year month day, I decide if the ‘Aric Voss’ show goes on or stops. For as thousands of teacher have said now is the only time of Power, so in this now I can choose to be who I want. If I was so driven Aric could die as my birth name did and a another new persona could be born. We are given the chance every minute, hour, day, month, year to change, to be reborn to resurrect a new. The problem is society demands we are who we are, a whole life time; it says we must remain this collection of screw ups and victories from our past until death. This is lifes most disempowering perception and one what forces people into the dark places of the mind, where suicide can at times seem like the only way out.

For me the truth in this life is we reincarnate when we wish, we play this role that is our life as long as it serves us. This collection of experiences, dark, light, good and bad are our choice. Only the weakest actor stays with the play that no one comes to watch. The divine matrix (god everything call it what you like) in my mind has no knowledge of dualism. Only we see the world as up or down, right or left, good or bad, right or wrong, hot or cold, alive or dead. Only we believe we can’t change can’t reincarnate. For the universe everything just is, it’s all perfect and whole forever.

So ultimately we write the script that we want to watch, if we want to believe we are small and powerless we are. If want to believe no one will ever know who we were once we die, they won’t. We can believe we need to be punished for our past acts and we will be. We can believe we are part of god and straight way we are. Reincarnation starts and ends when you think it should and no one other than yourself will ever change your mind on that.

The real questions should be not does reincarnation happen but do we deserve to be reincarnated? I say this not from a moral stand point, but from that stand point that asks have you truly proved you can live life? As the saddest mutterings on a death bed must be ‘I wish I’d lived more’. How many times have you heard ‘maybe in the next life’ Is that’s all reincarnations is, some kind of idea we created to make us feel better for not living this life the way we wanted. There is no time limit on dreams and no age limit on change never ever wait for the next life as long as your still in this one.