As someone who has Bipolar I can’t agree with Alan Brazil (talksport presenter) on his comments on Suicide , but as I support free speech I have to respect his right to voice his views. Mr Brazil is not the first person to have a low opinion of those to take their own life. The church has been raging against those that take the ultimate decision for years. Personally I have no problem with people committing suicide as long as they do it in a way that doesn’t impact others. Yes I know family and friends will always be impacted, but those people should support their loved one’s in their decision. I’m talking about those that jump in front of trains etc, those that unwittingly involved other’s into their demise and so quite literally or at least mentally destroy another person’s life, in the taking of theirs. No one can ever understand what it is like to be someone else, so to pass judgement on anyone who takes their own life is to make comment on a situation without any of the facts.

Taking all human emotion out of the subject in a over populated world government and policy makers should be supporting suicides not condemning it. If someone really does not wish to live anymore what good can society really get from forcing them to live. Yes people will always throw up the argument that people really don’t want to die, and that suicide is simply a cry for help. I’m sure their are a few stupid people that want to play mind games with others emotions but those that intend to end their life are far from stupid and they are definitely not cowards.

Despite battling depression at times, I happen to love life but I know that will not always be the case. There will come a time when life will become simply a holding cell to the inevitable and at that point my patience for ‘just living’ will no doubt wear thin. Would I take my own life if all hope was gone? Absolutely, will it be anytime soon ? Absolutely not, is it anyone else’s business? Again absolutely not.

Robin Williams committed suicide and I respect that as his decision, a death is a death how it happens is immaterial. Mr Williams mental health is no ones concern nor is his drug addiction or anything else in his life. We should, if we wish honour his passing and give thanks to the joy and laughter he brought to the world.

So your welcome to your opinion on suicide, this is mine. For me it’s just another way to do what we all do in the end and that is just die.

One final word, Alan should not have to resign from his job simply because his opinion offends, it is up to his bosses to determine if people listen to his show for his views or simply to hear sport info. I personally am left with a sour taste in the mouth every time someone is forced to fall on their sword just for expressing an opinion, no matter how ugly. I have no wish to live in a sterile PC world were no one is offended because no one ever says anything.