Finding a Rent with Pets


In my past post  Freedom, Selling up and Renting I waxed lyrical about the freedom renting was going to offer the wife and I. I still stand by that, but I’m afraid over the past month or so it has become evident to me that the whole process of finding a home to rent in the UK is generally broken. If you own a pet I would say your chances of finding a suitable rental property reduces by 90% or more. While I’m sure many people out there have great experiences finding a home, I can only write about what we have discovered and so far things are looking rather bleak.

What we are looking For.
I will concede that what we are looking for is not exactly your run-of-the-mill rental. The whole premise of this blog, indeed our lives going forward is it’s about two people escaping the suburbs, finding a place to live preferably in Scotland that is in a peaceful private rural location. The next limiting factors are it can’t be further than a hours drive from a retail park (we still have to work) and the property must be detached otherwise where is the peace of living next to someone. Next it must have a a large garden for me to work in something in need of a fix up (the garden not the house) as I like to put my own stamp on it while hopefully improving the land for who ever lives there after me. The property should be available for a long term rent and have at least 2 bedrooms. All fair enough now enters the deal breaker we have a dog (pictured above).

Rentals and Dogs don’t seem to mix
For some reason landlords have a big downer on man’s best friend. Many times over the past few weeks we have almost found our perfect home until the D word has been uttered and then we are quickly shown the door. I understand that dogs can be messy just like people can be destructive and noisy, but I fail to believe that just because you own a dog you are more likely to wreak a home. My dog a rather large leonberger he has never chewed anything. I have never come home to find him smearing his faeces on the wall or bathing in his own urine, Joking aside he has never had a bodily mishap and if he did we would probably be to blame for not letting him out. My dog who is now 5 years old, spends most of his life asleep with his feet in the air, he’s about as destructive as the Dalai Lama is womanising drug fiend.

Let’s face it people there is nothing a dog can do to a property that can’t be put right, that’s why you pay a deposit. If landlords are unsure why don’t they charge a extra fee for the pet rather than simply saying NO. From my observations children are more likely to damage a property than most well trained dogs, think of the public out cry if most landlords said No Children on Rightmove. I understand that people can be A-holes and I’m sure properties are damaged sometimes by animals, but that says more about their owners than the pet. I know that renting a property isn’t done for the fun of it, it’s done for money and profit. Landlords please try and be sensible about this because I’m sure you are missing out on many brilliant renters, who will pay on time while look after your investment and treat your property as their home, challenge your perceptions keep a open mind on Pets.

well trained dog brings joy to their owners hearts not to mention a calmer demeanour. Surely a happy renter is a better renter. I  personally would rather be homeless than betray the bond between my dog and me. I committed to him when I brought him as a puppy and that is contract like my marriage I will not break. #Renterswithpets