Nicola Sturgeon – Speak for yourself

Nicola Sturgeon is a politician and as politicians go she is rather good one. That is not to say I like the woman or most of what she stands for, but I can see when it come to politics she is very good a playing the game.

Sadly, being good at politics does not naturally mean you’ll be any good at running a country. I know for a fact that many people in Scotland vehemently hate Sturgeon, I can see them begin to shake when I even mention her name. Likewise I’m sure there are many that think Nicola is the best thing to happen to the country since Irn-Bru I just haven’t met any yet, but saying that I do live in a very remote part of the Scottish Borders.

People who live outside of Scotland may believe that when Sturgeon speaks she does so as the heart, body and mind of this beautiful country.  The fact is she doesn’t and that is why I’m writing, because it sickens me that she acts as if she does. As all great politicians do, Nicola manipulates every piece of news even the bad stuff to confirm what she believes or wants to believe is true.

Nicola Sturgeon would have the world believe that she cares passionately about the Scottish people and that she feels her peoples hopes and fears on a very visceral level. But for many, even those of us in Scotland, she is simply an opportunist. Quite frankly, Nicola has taken result of the Brexit vote and used it as a weapon to get the only thing she really wants :- Scottish Independence. Her claims are that because more people voted to say in the EU than to leave she now has the god give right to call another independence vote. The truth of the matter is out of 3,987,112 people eligible to vote only 1,661,191 felt strong enough about not leaving the EU that they actually turned up.

So lets do a very politician thing and restate this: Nicola Sturgeon is not speaking for the whole of Scotland on the EU, she is speaking for the 1,661,191 who actually voted Remain in the EU.

While 1.6 million is not an insignificant number, it is when placed next to the 5+ million population of Scotland or the 64.1 million of the UK as a whole, all who would be affected by Sturgeons actions. You can understand why so many people are angry and wish for now at least she would just be quiet and wait to see how Brexit plays out. If she can’t wait a few years then it would suggest the urgency has far more to do with how history will see Nicola Sturgeon than the needs of the Scottish People.